Thursday, January 1, 2009

Provence Marinaside

After a surprisingly calm nye night, me and my roomie went out for brunch. Last year, we were very tired (aka hungover) and went to ihop where she forgot her money, and I only had 10 bucks for my meal and a upass.. and we had to wait an hour for someone to bail us out. OI. Thank god this time was much better.

I wasn't hungover but just slow. haha.all my movements today were in slow mo, but it was ok because the streets and stores were all very slow. We tried to go to medina cafe but it was closed so we opted for provence marinaside. I've been there once before and had a very good eggs benny. I also remember the omlette had a great amount of lobster+crab.

We had to wait awhile for our seats.. by this point we were starving because we hadn't eaten and it was nearing 3 in the afternoon. Not only that, but I had made plans to have dinner with my parents at 5. I was basically having two meals one right after the other!

When we finally sat down, I ordered the eggs two ways with veal sausage, and she ordered the croque monsiour eggs benny. The server was unobtrusive and nice. She wasn't talkative and very to the point. We both agreed it was good service because we didn't feel like making small talk.. not even to each other LOL. when the food came, we basically just scarfed it down in silence.. we were hungryyy

I hope my taste was not distorted by my hunger. I was honestly at a point where I could eat waffles and pancakes and it would have been delicious (my two most hated breakfast food) but The eggs two ways was good for 13 dollars. I had my eggs sunny side up. The veal sausage was different but a good different? It was tough but tasty (it was better than that apples+chicken sausage I had in cali..). The potatoes were dry but I liked the fruits. The whole meal was quite satisfying. Apparently the eggs benny was also really good =) Sure as hell beats Ihop! (side note: i honestly don't understand the appeal of that place anymore.. we used to go all the time after a crazy night. sure it's somewhat close to us, but it's actually not that cheap and the food isn't that good. I'd rather take a bit longer and eat some better brunch).

We left and slowly made our way to robson/pacific center.. where my kind roomie decided to use her 100 dollar starbucks card (christmas pressie.. what a weird one!) to buy me a peppermint white chocolate coffee. It was yummy. I think I've only had starbucks 3 times before that. Sorry, this is one MNE that will never win my heart. but dang I was craving something warm and wanted to look a little yuppie to fit into yaletown. =p

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