Sunday, January 11, 2009

Au Petit Cafe

siu siu ga feh oak :).. I've always wanted to come here after reading all those rave reviews about this place. The parking really sucks as the streets are always full of cars but we ended up parking behind the restaurant.. There's very little room and we weren't sure if we were allowed but one of the workers said it was fine. We walked through the tiny kitchen into the tiny restaurant. They had quite a fair bit of workers for such a small restaurant! Everything seemed relatively clean as well.. but I guess the kitchen was so small they had to resort to cutting up their vegetables outside!

We quickly got a seat and ordered the special banh mi, meat balls+ rare beef pho, lemongrass chicken, and beef brisket curry with bread to dip. Everything came really fast and everything was really small. The banh mi was kinda cold.. it was not spicy at all.. For someone who has almost no tolerance for spicy foods, I didn't even taste a hint of spiciness.. did they forget the hot peppers?? the pho and lemongrass chicken were standard vietnamese food. The curry was sweet.. a little too sweet for us.. I think I still like phnom penh curry best =) The bread was really crunchy and delicious. We were in and out pretty quick since there was a lineup beginning to form and I didn't want to dwadle. Everything came to 26 dollars, so it's pretty cheap. The service was standard. They were pretty smiley, so that was a good thing.

It's pretty far for me to get here, but I am glad I've tried.. I don't think I'll be back for awhile.

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