Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Whenever I eat greek food, I have to be super hungry in order for it to be satisfying. Theres soo much food, it's so filling even after one plate. Today we went to Sfinaki and it was the only meal I had the whole day (a brunner..? breakfast-lunch-dinner :P).

We went at an irregular time- 2ish/3.. and there were no one inside, which was fine. We had an isolated table by the window.. staring out at the Turkish Donair shop across the road (I am intrigued and would like to try it actaully). I usually order a lamb souvlaki but I decided to be adventourous today and try the gyro. haha. It was only 12 bucks and it came with fries, salad, and rice.

The food came rather quickly. My gyro was really really good. The lamb inside was soo delicious. The only downside was the large amount of onions.. I should have ordered it without. it was so gooddd.. but really hard to eat. Hopefully no one looked in from the outside, because I looked like a monster haha. The fries and rice were delicious as well. The lamb shoulder my friend had was very tender (and to prove it, the knife was never used :P).

that gyro was so good, I think I might have to start ordering said thing more. mmm.

Sfinaki! good! Go!

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