Sunday, January 18, 2009


Vogue Chinese on Urbanspoon Today my family went to Vogue. It used to be called something else, but then there was an owner change and now it's called "fai zhi" or chopsticks. The place is definitely more sophisticated and classier looking than your usual chinese restaurants. The seats are super comfortable. Once I sat down, I basically just sunk into my chair . ahhh..

They have these combos for about 9.00, you can get a mini seafood hot pot plus one dish or for about 7, you can get one dish + some sides and soup. We just got one of each. The dishes being crispy chicken and crispy pork.

The food actaully took a little while to come out.. but it was ok. It looked really cute when they served it.. The crispy chicken was very good. It wasn't very salty and it wasn't extremely spicy either. The taste was very good. however the crispy pork was gross.

Everything was nicely portioned for one person. I think this would be a good meal for a sole diner :)

Then we headed next door to try ellie, tropical cuisine place.. We ordered the roti canai, chicken satays, and crab claw things. The restaurant is very small and as time went by, customers and customers began pouring in so much I don't know if they had enough seats for everyone!

I love the fact that they use such colorful plats and bowls.. so pretty :) The roti canai was ok. It tasted a little doughy to me? i don't know, i still love banana leaf best.. the deep fried crab claws were really good! they were deep fried very nicely.. not oily or falling apart or too battery.
However, the chicken satays were off. When I ate mine, it tasted funny already but I ate it because I thought it was the sauce. However, my father said there was something wrong with the chicken.. so we sent it back. frick I already ate one whole skewers. it's ok , when I was little my mother coerced me into drinking a cup of sour milk even though I told her there was something wrong. and then after I came home from school, she was so scared I puked or something when she finally realized there was something wrong. There's something about asian children that asian adults don't ever trust. blah

So they remade the chicken satays and I was too afraid to try it.. my parents said some were off, some pieces were ok. ugh.