Thursday, October 11, 2007


Even though I eat out a lot, I am a picky picky eater. I don't like a lot of things but i m slowly opening up.. I usually order the foods I like, so those are usually my standards at restaurants hah.

Crab Cake
Yam Fries/Fries+mayo
Salmon/Halibut/any fish really
Fruit Cheesecake
Apple Pie
Panna Cotta
Curry+naan bread/rice
roasted pork (siu yoke)
cha siu fan (bbq pork+rice)
eggs benedict
Sushi rolls
Duck, Squab
Lemongrass Chicken + rice
roti canai

ice cream
chocolate desserts (they don't really appeal to me)
meaty steaks (like lots of steak)
Olives, Brussel Sprouts
Noodles (except for occasional udon or ramen)
French Toast+syrup, pancakes+syrup. I guess syrup in general hah
Miso Soup
Burgers/sandwiches (Don't appeal to me at restaurants)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lift ..second time around

Lift is one of my favorite restaurant of all time. The view is beautiful, the ambience is great, and the food is delicious.

I was extremely hungry that I had to order a burger at this restaurant. Nonetheless, it .was.good.
This on the other hand, was NOT good. It was disgusting and I felt like I was eating rabbit food. not impressed. I actually went a third time hah. This was a late afternoon food. It was yummay.

People have told me they get crap service or cocky service at Lift. But all 3 times I've had extremely nice waitors/waitresses, trying to start a chat or laugh with us. I once dropped a fork underneath my chair, my waitor saw from faraway, came up, got on his knees and crawled below my chair to get it and get me a new one. Wow. talk about good service. added bonus that he was hot

Lift Bar Grill View on Urbanspoon

mmm alcohol

I couldn't help it..
The last one was at milestones..
oh and add about 3 more milestones bellinis with bellini toppers to that.
That was a good night.

So good yet so bad

The combo platter in Boston Pizza at Abbotsford. Too bad the potato chip things in the middle were spicy.. I couldn't eat those :(

Another combo platter at Moxies on Robson.. yumyum! although the avocado rolls were disgusting and the calamari were not fried long enough..
After that we were still hungy so we ordered this chicken pasta with garlic bread.. mmmm!

Did we drink? oh yes! the post will be the one following this one :)


I had lunch at Ebisu on Robson with a friend during the summer. We ordered a boat lunch. It cost about 12 bucks? I think it was very good for what it was worth! It had tempura, eel+rice, and California rolls, and dynamite rolls! mmmm.

Best Restaurant Ever.

I am absolutely in LOVE with Lift by the water in Vancouver.
My friend and I had no idea where to go eat one day so we walked around Vancouver for an HOUR AND A HALF. We walked from Robson, to Denman, Davie, Seymour, Granville, etcetc, and the a huge circle

These are cellphone pictures which turned out Really nice! the chicken I had was soo good and so was the dessert. I love this place! I don't care what people say.


I m not a big fan of pasta but I really wanted to try this place called Il Nido on Robson. They sat us outside which was a BADDDD idea. I have a huge fear of a lot of mosquitoes/fruit flies/gnats in one place (weird i know).. I actually freak out and usually do not like walking in forests. I guess it was mating season but there were huge swarms of there nearby. I didn't want to be a hassle so I didn't ask to be moved in.. because no one was inside sitting and it was a gorgeous day outside.. blah.
The first plate was mine.. a spaghetti plate.. as you can see I m not adventurous. I have no idea what the other plate was.. didn't look too yummy to me. The food was bland.. especially the calamari we ordered before the pasta (didn't take a picture). They weren't deep fried but they didn't have a taste. :(
It also didn't help that the waitor kept staring at me and touching me everytime he came over.

Cafe Il Nido on Urbanspoon

Little Getaway

For Canada Day, me and two of my friends decided to take the ferry over to Victoria. We became tourists for 3 days . It was soooo much funn. lying in front of parliament, titanic boat seeing, walking to another TOWN at night because we didn't want to take a cab, etcccc
the food was amazing too :D

This was fricking GINORMOUS. it was SOO good. my favorite type of food is Greek food. I LOVE calamari and Lamb souvlaki. man those greeks are so lucky! This was a platter for three people.. DEFINITELY did not finish it

Although I was on a gorgeous island with better air than Vancouver, I had to get my alcohol fix. haha. mmm bellinis. they will be the death of me.

Best Restaurant in Vancouver?

My parents decided to treat me one night to a 3 course dinner to anywhere I wanted. I decided on West on Granville. It has been rated as the best restaurant in Van.. I beg to differ..?

Local morels stuffed with side stripe prawns and basil, lobster essence. It was my first time eating morels. I didn't like the texture of it and what the hell is with the foam.

Honey and clove braised pork cheeks. Nothing special. I would have expected the taste to be better. However, it was kind of bland..

Polderside farms organic pekin duck 2 ways with seared foie gras, caramelized endive, apricot jus. My father had this. He had the most problems with the word pekin. He kept thinking peking and how it was a "chinese" dish. no dad. no.

Desserts were yummy though. I loveee desserts <3

I just wanted to drink..

Another crappy night of classes (During summer, I had a day where I had classes from 4:30pm-10:30pm)
We went to Moxies for some drinks.. I have now tried everything on that menu (except martinis.. I hate martinis). My friend got hungry, I was not.. so we ordered a bite of brownies.. to share.
It was surprisingly fulling :)

Another night, we went to Cin Cin on Robson for more desserts. We ordered the dessert sampler.. It was good, but I was definitely not impressed by the presentation..especially by such a top rated restaurant.

California Roll invented in ..Vancouver?

Tojo's is among one of the more famous restaurants in Vancouver. When they talk about the best sushi, many various sources would name Tojo as the top contender. Well if it that good, I have to try it! My friend also told me the California roll was created by Tojo.. I am so intrigued

The restaurant is situated on W Broadway with very minimal decoration and signs outside. Walking inside, the restaurant is very classy and upscale. There is a bar where Tojo and his fellow sushi chefs are hard at work. The restaurant was extremely busy and we didn't make a reservation so they asked us to sit at the bar. We obliged, although I wish I sat at the booths to get a better feel of the ambience.

The service was extremely top notch. We were like fresh palettes ready and willing to try anything and everything (except the omasake. we aren't made of money now). We ordered the Tojo Roll (cali roll), Northern Light Roll, Spider Roll, Golden Rolls, beef terriyaki, sablefish, and also 4 different cones (not pictured below) they were geoduck/shrimp/crab, lobster, eel, and dynamite.

The Northern light Roll is wild prawn tempura, avocado and seasonal fruit rolled in a cucumber crepe (14), the spider roll is deep-fried soft shell crab, asparagus and avocado rolled in a cucumber crepe (14), golden roll is crab, scallop, salmon, and sweet shrimp rolled in an egg crepe (24) and the tojo roll was 12 dollars. The hand cones ranged from 7-8.5

They were all amazingly delicious! The beef terriyaki was more like steak than the normal ones from japanese restaurants. The sablefish (27) was soooo good. It was cooked perfectly with amazing marinade. yummmm.

The tojo roll tasted like a normal cali roll, except with fresher ingredients. All the rolls had a ton of filling and they were all fresh and tasty. Even though my friend insist the cali roll was created here, I have read other sources that it originated in California (which would make sense) created by some sushi chef in 1970 in a place called Little Tokyo.

Even though we sat at the bar, we were never once ignored and they came over to check on us many many times. This place was very delicious and if you have the money, it is definitely a place to try. I have some friends who have friends that know Tojo and they told me he is actually extremely arrogant and an ass or smth. Like one time he was was sayin how the restaurant was opened using his pocket money and that the money was just crap change . and when my friends' friend worked there, he got really small tip like he got paid 8-9/hour and got 15 dollar tip. but I don't know, sushi restaurants get crap tip (from exp) but then again Tojo's is diff and probably have a bigger tip. ehhh.. this is just what I've heard

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Night Market =)

My friend took me to the Richmond Night Market. I don't really like it but I do Love the food!

Teponaki? I dno. I wasn't a big fan of these. They tasted funny. I'd rather have curry fish balls anyday.

oh Burnaby Mountain..

We went to Horizons in Burnaby for dinner. It was probably my first time eating a 3 course meal at a fancy restaurant in BC.. my fam usually goes to chinese places, never places like Horizons.
As beautiful as the picture looks, it was not very good :( The desserts on the other hand was goooodd

Late Night Dessert

After a crappy thursday night class, we headed downtown to O'Douls on Robson for some dessert... It was amazing.. I would like to come back one day for dinner

Ok, so another time we went downtown to Horizons for some dinner.. I must say it was just Dinner(no s). ... we shared a meal.. the meal was a salad.
oh the life of poor university students..

Tasty Delights

haha.. the place is actually called True Confections on Denman St. For the longest time my friend thought it was tasty delights and that is now what we call it. We have tried about 90% of the cakes. Most of their business is us.

So Pretty

So pretty from T&T.. they never taste as good as they look though :(

California Dreamin'

Looking back at my pics from my trip, I can't believe how healthy I was! haha. That's orange juice, fruit salad, and a piece of banana bread yumyum.. .. oh ..wait.. guess it was just once i was healthy.. least it was a tea drink!

I miss you Hong Kong

I miss the bustling streets. I miss the cheapness of everything. I miss the air conditioned buses. I miss the huge malls with weird store names (a+b.. i.t..???). I miss being in a place where my parents speak the language better than me. I miss all you can drink and the nightlife (wait I don't miss that yet because I haven't experienced it *sad but hearing about it excessively from friends make me miss it).. but most of all I miss..

First Post!

Lots of food I made and food around Vancouver to come!
I might backtrack a bit first to get this started.....