Friday, June 27, 2008


Today, we went to Tequila Kitchen, we had a salsa flight. I didn't really like it that much, I would love to come back and try the other dishes. The service kinda sucked.. It was nonexistant for us.

Then we went on over to Amarcord and shared a gnocchi.. it's my first time eating it, It's ok. The waitors were nice. They thought we were visiting because I took pictures of my food haha.. The outside looks so tacky but inside is nice

Next we went to Doux Crepes for a peanut butter and condensed milk crepe. Dang it was really good for 5 bucks!! I wanna try the peking duck one day haha

Finally we went to simply thai. We shared a rice platter, that was soo much better than damn anything at Urban Thai. Although the service here was also nonexistant. ugh what the hell

We lied on the beach for an hour and headed on over to raincity grill for a dessert. We shared the pain perdu (grilled pear) and I think it was too sweet for my liking. I tried to look for Indica again and I can't find the bloody place. wat the hell

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Me and Julios and Stellas

This is the first time I've been to Commercial drive, ok not really.. but I don't really count the other time because it was to buy liquor with my ex so I never really did any walking on the drive

There's so many restaurants I wanted to try everything haha. The first one we stumbled upon was Me and Julios. After so many failed attempts to try Lolitas, I was excited to get a table at me & julios. The restaurant was super spacious and nicely decored. We sat outside for the hell of it and shared a taco platter because I was .still. having. my. taco. craving. Well, it came out and it was soft tacos and I was disappointed because I wanted hard shell. Oh well, They were pretty good though. I especially liked it with beans and rice inside my taco. Definitely not a date food. Thank god I sat outside.. I ate like a savage.

Next we went to Stellas for Calamari. The waitress was so nice and happy, we tipped her well :) The calamari was ok. I was happy it wasn't covered in batter because I hate it when it is (stupid takis taverna and transcontinental). but the dip was miracle whip :( no thanks. The place itself is like the usual tap and bar.

I am definitely coming back soon to try out clove, timbre, arriva, havana, tio pepe, etcccccccccc :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Phnom Penh

I've read about this place A LOT and it surprises me that I've never seen it .. I used to go to chinatown.. a lot.. :|

We had the Butter Beef, Chicken Wings, Papaya Salad, Beef noodle soup, sugar cane wrapped in shrimp and taro tapioca dessert.

The papaya salad was spicy and not my cup of tea. The chicken wings were good, a little sweet and tasty - but so fatty :( beef noodle soup was o-k.. I am not a huge fan of noodles but I think I've had better. The butter beef was surprisingly good since I am not a huge fan of raw beef (or beef carpaccio) The shrimp was So not worth it. It cost 16 dollars for 4 tiny shrimps and we could barely taste the shrimp. I've had better. We thought we ordered the small order (even when the server said it was the small order) and then charges us for the regular size. We even asked him and he just looks at us and goes oh sorry. we were like watever, he's a young boy.. it's ok. The taro dessert was really good though because there was lots of taro.

I think I would like to come back one day and try the lemongrass chicken and a moo shake.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am not a huge fan of the glowbal corporation but I don't mind Coast.. I've been to Coast before for teasers and crab cakes. They were pretty good.

This time, we shared a mussels and fries, the bread was yummy and the mussels were good. i really did not like the fries, they weren't soft enough inside. Then my friends came so we all got desserts. We had practically EVERYTHING. The banana cake was o-k. but too sweet for me. The brownie was yummy. The caramel was gross (I don't like caramel) and the rice pudding was a let down unfortunately. The s'mores cheesecake didn't work (the marshmallow didn't really go with the cheesecake part) but my highlight was the peanut butter bar. Wow. it was delicious.

The service was ok. Sometimes it came off a little cocky/uncomfortable.. I don't know. I am not yearning to come back but if I was starving and nowhere else was open/desired.. I wouldn't mind this place. I do like their concept of small desserts though

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Never works out..

I love restaurants if you haven't realized. I know practically every restaurant in the Vancouver area and where they are located. I have places I plan on going in my mind and when always anticipating the next time I can go to those places. But when there is an opportune time to go whereever, It. never. works. out.

ok so today i met my bestie downtown to try out Le Marrakech Morrocan Food. The place was empty. The seating is a little uncomfortable. we are both tiny and it was hard to crouch down to eat.. Anyways, the server was really courteous but it wasn't a warm friendly type, it was just courteous.. i don't know, i didn't like it. We shared a duck platter. It was pretty good. I've never had a huge piece of duck breast before but I liked it. She also ordered moroccan flat bread that tasted licorice like.. I didn't like it..

The place wasn't very comfortable or warming in my opinion, so we left and my friends wanted to meet to see a movie, so since we had time to kill, we wanted to check out Lolitas, a place I've wanted to go to for ages. It was jam packed and there was no way we could have gotten a table in time. so We wandered to Yaletown to Tequila Kitchen (I wanted a friggin taco). It was closed! Section 3 didn't look THAT appetizing and Flite was also Closed. Fuck! My friend didn't want Thai (simply thai or sala thai), I didn't want expensive (le crocodile, cioppinos), we wanted to try something new (mostly hinting at azia), and oysters wasn't what we wanted (rodney's oyster house).

After flite, I really didn't want to go to Pinkys again (i don't like it) so we ended up at Coast. (next post)
Afterwards, we headed over to George for a drink. It's a chill place, good for drinks and tapas. I didn't feel like paying lots for alcohol (I don't like drinking on weekdays/lots) so I just had a baileys on the rocks. I'll be back though when I do feel like drinking

Monday, June 23, 2008

Indian Food

I had to work on presentation today. stressful times especially with a group of unappreciative uncreative plagarising people. ok i m not going to rant, but we got soo hungry trying to fix up their parts we were dying of hunger. So we quickly wrapped it up and went to Bombay Bhel on Hastings for some indian food (we wanted to go to Kiss yo mama but it was too far).

We got there at 9:30 and the place closed at 10:00. Even so, they never hurried us once and gave us time to look over menu etc. I ordered the lamb curry with naan and my friend ordered some shish kebab with fries. The curry+naan was really good, although a little spicy for me (and it was mild!) I didn't like the kebab things but the fries were Really good. She even asked me if I wanted rice, which I did (frigging ate cereal and salad the whole day). I was starvinggg. But I couldn't finish my food and had it wrapped up. It was around 10:30 now, they were basically closed and cleaning up and stuff, even so, they asked if we wanted to look at dessert menu and didn't even hurry us one bit. Even though I've only been to what, 2-3 other indian restaurants? this is definitely my current fave (it doesn't help that i was really narrow minded before and hated 'exotic' foods) I am definitely coming back!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cassis Bistro

On Saturday me and my bestie went to Cassis Bistro. It was really stuffy inside and dead. With the location and the ambience inside, I was already not very impressed.. but then it did get better.
The bartender served us. At first I thought he seemed a little lazy and sluggish but my friend loved him haha she thought he was so cute blhalbhalbha.. I think it was his british accent that made her swoon. For once an accent did nothing to me. hah. We shared a bottle of wine and lamb chops and asparagus. The wine was nice, the lamb was kind of dry and too fatty.. and the mashed potatoes- to me- tasted a little off. I think it was just me though. The asparagus was good and the amuse bouche, I could have done without (some soup). My friend noticed Pims at the bar and got super excited because apparently she never see it anwhere.
After a moment of chatting with the bartender about the rough week we had, he gave us some free shots and they were puretty strong. Thanks, we needed it! :) He told us to come back on Fridays(?) cuz there was live music or something.. we shall!

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Last Week

So I had two major midterms last week and didn't really do much except eat cereal and pineapple. haha. After my 2nd midterm, we went to Tomoya near Metrotown. It was really crowded so we sat at the bar.. The place had bad ventilation so it was really stuffy and greasy smelling from the open kitchen. We ordered chicken karaage, gyozas, pink lady rolls, and croquette. Karaage tasted exactly like popcorn chicken, gyoza was normal, croquette was ok. and the pink lady rolls were pretty good. We were so stuffed we couldn't even finish anything, and it was pretty cheap too! The service was really nice. I mean, I am used to asian servers not being courteous but more efficient. It's how we do it, we don't make small talk we just get you food. Thus I can see why some people think service sucked. But when we left, they apologized for being slow and then asked if we came a lot balhblhablhabla. haha tat was kinda nice.

Afterwards, we met up with another friend and went to jules bistro for dessert. We had chocolate cake and panna cotta and fries. The fries were nice, panna cotta was yummy. Chocolate cake- meh. I don't really like choco cake though. Also had baileys on the rocks. i think that's my new fave dessert drink, it tasted like milk.

Today I planned on going to The Fish House for Afternoon Tea. However we got absolutely lost in Stanley Park. FUCK. There's no goddamn maps sometimes and it gets so fucking confusing. Last time we went to second beach and it took us forever, there must be a shortcut but we don't know how. We asked info or shuttle bus woman but they fucking confused us more!
We got so fed up when we got to Second beach 15 min late for reservations already so we just went to Denman to Maria's Taverna. We shared an appy plate which I shouldn't have because I KNEW i don't like that filo pastry with spinach and the green wrapped rice thing. but I wanted hummus bread and kalamari. I didn't even eat a lot, I should have stuck with lamb souvlaki. Anyways, the waiter was really nice and tried to start convo with us. We looked rough/hell when we first walked in after stumbling in stanley park for 1 hour. I was tired from the night before from barnone (dark and crappy) and my friend was hungover from atl. We were fucking starving. Anyways, he was where are you guys from? omg did we look like tourists?? kinda embarssing when i said the valley hah. then he's like did you guys go shopping even though we clearly had no bags. we must have looked pretty rough hahaha. I might come back for better greek food, because he was really nice

We then went to true confections for guava cheesecake which tasted like plain cheesecake with strawberry coulis. wtf. and the service was crap.. really bad.

Then we went to the Stars concert. I really liked the guest which was Curtis Santiago.. He was great!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Full Course Meal

so I went to three places today but I basically felt like a three course meal.. it cost me 33 dollas.

I went to Savory Coast and had a mussels because I was cheap. The restaurant is pretty big, and the food came out SUPER fast. Then we walked down Denman because I wanted to try this placec called Indica (I was craving naan bread after my friend had butter chicken + naan last night) . but I couldn't find it. what gives.

ok anyways, so we tried take 5 which was closed, so Mink Cafe but the smores fondue wasn't being sold! :( but the chocolate here is SUPER cute. They had like PB & J and Rose Petal and etc chocolates. I think I am gonna buy some next time.

We went to Cafe Pacifica next in Pan Pacific which was such a coincidence because my old high school was having their prom there. ohhh memories. I wish I could redo it, I would change everything. I chose a bad night, it was italian opera buffet. I am not a huge fan of opera.. (i had to study it twice for music.. I fell asleep listening to die walkure and watching the marriage of figaro)
And the buffet cost like 50 bucks but didn't look appetizing. So we stuck with a la carte since we had a coupon. I ordered the crab cakes and my friend ordered bouillabaisse. Holy hell. I've never had such a huge crab cake before in my life. it was so gigantic .. Which was pretty good, but the sauce I wish was more refreshing (like greek yogurt like or smth) but dang it was worth 23 bucks I guess.hah

We then went to Metro, which btw, is one of my fave restaurants. We shared a cheesecake mousse because the rice pudding ice cream was 'iffy'. I've had the cheesecake mousse before and I loved it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Dining

I really did try to stay for my whole lecture today but it was just impossible. it didn't help that there was a continuous flow of people dispersing from the classroom silently every 5 minutes. Hence we were early for our reservation at the Hart House. Nonetheless, I was too hungry to sit around aimlessly for half an hour (I only had a banana). aka repeat of Hamilton St Grill and PlanB waiting around on benches.
The place was nice but inside was kind of eerie. I think it was the old house thing .. anyways, they gave us the wrong menu.. I had my heart set on eggs benny but settled for quiche instead. The food took awhile. When it came, my quiche was stone cold. I 've never had quiches before so I made up excuses thinking maybe it's a cold quiche. But it was like ICE COLD. so I sent it back, he was really nice about it. The bad thing about me is I don't like sending food back unless I HAVE to. I am always scared something will happen. Anyways, it came back and it was hot. but there was a hair in my food. gah. We had to go do marketing experiment so I didn't want to send food back AGAIN. I just ate the fries. My friend had the risotto and had no complaints.
After the experiment, we went downtown to Ganache Patisserie. I've heard about this place but I've never walked past it before. I had a vague memory of the address so we decided on some aimless walking and hopefully luck out and hit it. We did :) The place is really cute with affordable cakes. We ordered the Guava mousse and passion et chocolat. They were really good at first bites, but then they got a little too sweet for me.
Next, I wanted to try out Tequila Kitchen because I still had my mexican craving going on.. but we passed Urban Thai bistro and decided to give them one more try since we had a coupon as well. (went there for dessert once). We ordered the Pad thai and Peanut Sauce Chicken. They were both way too heavy on Sauce. This was my first time eating pad thai so I had no comparisons but my friend said it wasn't very authentic.. To me, it tasted like I was eating spaghetti because of the noodles and the sauce tasted like it. The chicken was COVERED with peanut sauce. It's not a good thing. The flavor was so overpowering I had to drink water every time I took a bite (and I am not a huge water drinker at restaurants). We ate a couple bites and then packed it to go. needless to say, this was not worth it and I won't be back.
Should have gone to Tequila Kitchen or even Sala Thai... hum.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hungry and needing to buy groceries, we ventured to Lougheed to Anducci's. I wasn't SUPER hungry but I was craving pasta. So we ordered the 3 pasta plate. It consisted of spaghetti and meatballs (my fave), fusilli with shrimp and fusilli with chicken. it was supposed to be linguine but we were in a hurry to get back to our class, so we didn't say anything.. I prefer long pasta over short though so we finished the spaghetti and barely touched the other two.. Instead we gave it to a homeless. Afterwards, I went and got groceries which proved to be a bad idea because my roommate went and got bananas, soup, and peach yogurt for me. Which I got myself, so now we have like 10 bananas. hahaa.. oi, i m gonna be a monkey for the rest of the week. I WOULD make banana bread or cupcakes (banana and coconut? banana and oat muffins?) but we have no electric mixers and etc.. gah

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lucy Mae Brown

So last night me and my bestest decided to venture to lucy mae brown. I've been there before for her birthday and I wasn't impressed. We chose it again because it was close to Century, where we wanted to club after. We ordered the salmon fishcakes and a side of fries. Also a bottle of riesling. Our waitress was Super nice, reminded me of Anne Hathaway hah. The complimentary bread was soooo good. Probably one of the best I've ever had. it was piping hot and soft. mmmm. The Salmon Fishcakes were a little weird at first because I didn't know the chutney was going to be sweet (well i guess apricot=sweet oops) and the avocado ice cream was more like goop than ice cream.. but then the dish got yummier as we ate. The fries were normal, coulda done without. We ended it with a chocolate mousse. I didn't want it at first because I was craving some cheesecake or roti ice cream but the other places were too far. It was surprisingly good. The portions was a little too small but nonetheless, yummy.

I can't believe this was such a difference from last time I came here. Then again, last time we shared this seafood platter that consisted of crab and shrimp.. two things that I don't like.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Morning

Today we went to La Casita for some Mexican since I've been craving it for a whileee now. I haven't ate mexican for 10 years? maybe all my life. I think I've had a burrito once and I thought it was disgusting. Anyways, we shared these enchiladas and it tasted and looked like canneloni to me. I wish i got a taco instead, that was what I was craving. The place is kinda cute. I just remember before I knew this place, I walked past it about 10 million times looking for Chill Winston to the point where we got so frustrated we were gonna shoot each other if we passed this La Casita place one more time..

next was Al Porto, this place is really romantic and nice for lunch Or dinner. the Special they have is pretty good deal. I didn't feel like soup or salad so I just went for the Steamed Clams. They were pretty good. Then we stopped at Moonpennies hoping for dessert, but they only had cookies. So we went to Showcase and shared an apple pie. Our server was nonexistent it was so stupid. The apple pie was nice, but definitely not worth 8 dollars.

All in all, I spent 20 bucks on food today. But about 95 on a pair of tna pants. UGH

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So before Kanye concert, we decided to hit up Kingston Taphouse. I have Never seen this place before but it was on opentable and in my book so I thought wat the heck. Going inside, I was kinda uncomfortable because there were a lot of old creepy men looking at us and it looked a little sleazy.. but then the back was like the dining area so it was better I guess.. Although our waitress didn't come over for like 15 minutes and then when she does she goes "hey girls" and then stops. no how are you or can I get you anything. it was . so. awkward. we honestly all just stopped talking and stared at each other .. haha.. oi. my friend got a chicken chili thing and I got dry ribs (i used to eat dry ribs SOO much at red robins after a brutally long shift at panago [i didn't make pizzas, i was an agent you ordered pizza from me]) It was ok. I was indifferent to this dish. I doubt I'll be back to this place.

Tonight me and my parents went to Azia because we didn't go for dinner for my mother's birthday yet. It was good because we spoke cantonese and they understood. The place was really nice and they gave us a good area to sit. We started off with 3 appys: duck spring roll, roti canai, and tempura filo prawns. The spring roll was o-k. Roti canai was good, because I LOVE roti canai. but the prawns was Gross. the potato and the prawns just didn't go together and when I bit into it I got soo much water I am guessing. ugh. gross.

We had chicken and beef satays next.. they were ok, nothing to rave about. We also had a laksa. It was my first time trying it and it was too spicy for me.. my parents thought they should have used a different type of noodle instead because fun see is not authentic.. We also had a scallops sushi pizza. made with sushi rice on the bottom topped with scallops and ebi mayo. My father loved this, I didn't really..

We had the lemongrass chicken with tumeric rice. ugh sick. It was not authentic at all. We could have done without this dish. honestly.

The ending was the highlight. The desserts were super good. We ordered the Ice cream Roti and green tea creme brulee. I have no complaints about the roti one, because .. well I love roti hahaha. even the ice cream worked with it, and I usually don't eat ice cream with anything (not even apple pie). The green tea was nice for the creme brulee, but I think they put too much sugar on it. made it too bitter imo. I made creme brulee once, it was o-k, but I didn't have those blowtorch things so I used matches.. ya that didn't work. ahah

Monday, June 2, 2008

Latino Cuisine

So today me and my bestest went to Cobre for some latino food. I've never had it and I was excited because the place seemed kinda cute. The bartender took us to our table and he was really nice and cool, our waitress was o-k. We had the Lamb on flat bread and duck taqueria. The duck was good, although messy to eat. The lamb on flat bread was not good.. too much chili.
We shared the creme brulee dessert at the end, the sour sauce did not go well with the creme brulee. we shoulda gotten the duece de leche (sp). I've heard of it and planned on making it , but never had it !