Monday, June 23, 2008

Indian Food

I had to work on presentation today. stressful times especially with a group of unappreciative uncreative plagarising people. ok i m not going to rant, but we got soo hungry trying to fix up their parts we were dying of hunger. So we quickly wrapped it up and went to Bombay Bhel on Hastings for some indian food (we wanted to go to Kiss yo mama but it was too far).

We got there at 9:30 and the place closed at 10:00. Even so, they never hurried us once and gave us time to look over menu etc. I ordered the lamb curry with naan and my friend ordered some shish kebab with fries. The curry+naan was really good, although a little spicy for me (and it was mild!) I didn't like the kebab things but the fries were Really good. She even asked me if I wanted rice, which I did (frigging ate cereal and salad the whole day). I was starvinggg. But I couldn't finish my food and had it wrapped up. It was around 10:30 now, they were basically closed and cleaning up and stuff, even so, they asked if we wanted to look at dessert menu and didn't even hurry us one bit. Even though I've only been to what, 2-3 other indian restaurants? this is definitely my current fave (it doesn't help that i was really narrow minded before and hated 'exotic' foods) I am definitely coming back!