Thursday, June 26, 2008

Me and Julios and Stellas

This is the first time I've been to Commercial drive, ok not really.. but I don't really count the other time because it was to buy liquor with my ex so I never really did any walking on the drive

There's so many restaurants I wanted to try everything haha. The first one we stumbled upon was Me and Julios. After so many failed attempts to try Lolitas, I was excited to get a table at me & julios. The restaurant was super spacious and nicely decored. We sat outside for the hell of it and shared a taco platter because I was .still. having. my. taco. craving. Well, it came out and it was soft tacos and I was disappointed because I wanted hard shell. Oh well, They were pretty good though. I especially liked it with beans and rice inside my taco. Definitely not a date food. Thank god I sat outside.. I ate like a savage.

Next we went to Stellas for Calamari. The waitress was so nice and happy, we tipped her well :) The calamari was ok. I was happy it wasn't covered in batter because I hate it when it is (stupid takis taverna and transcontinental). but the dip was miracle whip :( no thanks. The place itself is like the usual tap and bar.

I am definitely coming back soon to try out clove, timbre, arriva, havana, tio pepe, etcccccccccc :)