Sunday, June 15, 2008

Full Course Meal

so I went to three places today but I basically felt like a three course meal.. it cost me 33 dollas.

I went to Savory Coast and had a mussels because I was cheap. The restaurant is pretty big, and the food came out SUPER fast. Then we walked down Denman because I wanted to try this placec called Indica (I was craving naan bread after my friend had butter chicken + naan last night) . but I couldn't find it. what gives.

ok anyways, so we tried take 5 which was closed, so Mink Cafe but the smores fondue wasn't being sold! :( but the chocolate here is SUPER cute. They had like PB & J and Rose Petal and etc chocolates. I think I am gonna buy some next time.

We went to Cafe Pacifica next in Pan Pacific which was such a coincidence because my old high school was having their prom there. ohhh memories. I wish I could redo it, I would change everything. I chose a bad night, it was italian opera buffet. I am not a huge fan of opera.. (i had to study it twice for music.. I fell asleep listening to die walkure and watching the marriage of figaro)
And the buffet cost like 50 bucks but didn't look appetizing. So we stuck with a la carte since we had a coupon. I ordered the crab cakes and my friend ordered bouillabaisse. Holy hell. I've never had such a huge crab cake before in my life. it was so gigantic .. Which was pretty good, but the sauce I wish was more refreshing (like greek yogurt like or smth) but dang it was worth 23 bucks I guess.hah

We then went to Metro, which btw, is one of my fave restaurants. We shared a cheesecake mousse because the rice pudding ice cream was 'iffy'. I've had the cheesecake mousse before and I loved it.