Tuesday, November 10, 2009


ah! I miss Vancouver food SOO MUCH. hell I didn't realize how much I miss free TAP water until now!
I miss cheap SUSHI.. Chinese food.. MEXICAN.. etc etc.. hell even RAMEN (which i don't like ). ahhh!! all I eat here are pasta salads and sandwiches and recently this lasagna that is starting to make me want to puke from all the cheesiness and oh ya this grilled chicken for 3 dollars canadian that I devour in 3 seconds. it's really fatty and salty.. but it hits the spot hah

I've been reminiscing with looking at my old flickr pics and these are the things I miss in Vancouver: Phnom Penh and their chicken wings and curry!, Pulled pork sandwich from Burgers etc, Amazing sushi rolls from Sagano and Tomoya, Bi bam bap from ANYWHERE, oatmeal from elixir, brunch from cafe medina, hashbrowns from deacon's, dumplings from cafe kathmandu, calamari from earls, Homely chinese dinners from Deer Garden, late night chinese from Ho yuen kee, Banh Mi from Carolina Deli, dumplings from lin's, che lung bao from Richmond public market, Chip and guac from Lolitas, Gyros from Sfinaki, Butter Chicken from Sitar, Wu gok from Sun Sui Wah, ..

the only thing I surpringly don't really miss atm are desserts.. because of the chocolate overload I am going through this week.

Don't get me wrong, I am sure Europe boasts some of the most fantastic, most delicious food in the world, but I am too poor to take advantage of this. and living in a university town eliminates most of those choices.

Having said that, the chocolates has been fantastic. I've recently picked up Daim Chocolate bar and Ballerina cookies. omfg. SOOO Good. I think they are both sold in IKEAs and I have been absolutely addicted to them. This is how i am gonna get fat. lovely. Before I leave, I am gonna buy cartons of the ballerina cookies and ship it home (because I am not sure if those are in ikea..).
edit* I just went to willys and picked up 3 more daim chocolate bars, I almost went crazy and picked up daim in long package and daim in bite sizes. oi.

Okay, I'll show you some pictures of what i've been eating when I travel.. given, most of my travels consisted of sandwiches I never took pics of.. so it MAY look like I eat lavishly, it's only like.. twice on a trip.. VERY LARGE pic post. :) get ready to drool.

BELGIUM (Brussels/Brugge)
Famous Mussels.. but they were very small and not juicy :(

Belgian Chocolates! I bought some home. Couldn't eat any there due to being sick and chocolate made me cough harder :(

Belgian Waffle. great!

Belgian Fries.. massive amount of mayo there!

LUXEMBOURG (my favorite country)
lovely pastries
HONG KONG (I know.. I am in europe wteff was I doing in Hk.. my brother got married)
My favorite breakfast- hk congee (tang jai jook) with chinese donut (both types) and little bananas. yum!

The toilet restaurant! hah! too bad it was not good.

Dutch pancakes

A Whole Chicken! hah! I love this picture

it was cold pasta..

Pancake with ice cream. yum.

Bangers and mash.. really salty.

HELSINGOR (Hamlet's Castle)
Delicious food

ALMHULT (the first ever IKEA)
Delicious!!! except the cinnamon bun was a little hard.

My Town

A sushi restaurant.. the chicken satay was drenched in sauce

Pasta Salad.. my addiction. This is from Coffee break. 55 kroners. great deal I think, if you take away, you also get a free drink :)

More pics, of course, on my flickr :)