Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paradise Vegetarian Restaurant

non foodie note: is there a bug going around? I think I caught it :( sniffling and sneezing and feverin here.. :( it's ok, I just found out I am studying abroad in fall! Crossing my fingers it's CBS although lund would be fine too =) gotta start saving up money... ack

I went to paradise vegetarian restaurant on 10th st in Burnaby. It's in a little plaza mall and it's really hard to see. It was dark and the sign wasn't very noticeable/bright. The room is very small and clean. The place closes nightly at 9pm.. rather early.. but up until 9pm, it was very busy.

There's only one waitress and I think three women in the back. They speak cantonese. The waitress is very peaceful and calm..pretty nice woman too. We ordered a pho, combo, and curry fried rice. Since it is a vegetarian restuarant, all the meat are veggie imitation meat.

The food took an exceptionally long time to come, but I think it's due to the insufficient amount of workers. But it's ok, it added to the cozy ambience I guess.

The combo 3 included spring roll (surprisingly very good) skewers of bbq chicken and beef I think?(they tasted the same to me) and a viet roll. the Viet roll was refreshing and yummy. I wasn't too fond of the meats though. It reminded me of the vegetarian food I ate when I was young in HK after I went to the cemetary. (After I went to "bai sun", we would go to a restaurant in the cemetary to eat "jai"). The memory is not a good one so I wasn't too fond of the connotation.

Same goes to the pho..It had this sweeter smell which reminded me of the same HK memories that I didn't like. so I couldn't eat it anymore. The tofu and meat balls were good. The curry fried rice was pretty good though. it was spicy, but a spicy I could handle. We also ordered the chi cheesecake for 3.50 at the end. It had no taste, not even the berry compote on top...

The restaurant itself isn't too bad. I am sure many people enjoys this restaurant. It's interesting to try a vegetarian viet restaurant. but aside from personal pref, the place was just adequate.. it wasn't exceptionally bad nor exceptionally good. it was just..okay.

sorry for such a boring review, I need to go lie down

Monday, February 23, 2009


Asahi-Ya is a small japanese restaurant on Robson. There's a prominent green sign out front that is hard to miss. I went there over a year ago and wasn't too impressed by the food.. but I thought because I shared a small sushi combo, I didn't really get a taste of the other dishes... hum...

I went again today and ordered a udon combo for 8.50 It has udon (pork,beef, or chicken), bbq salmon, and 4 pieces of california rolls. The food came relatively fast but I was soooo unimpressed. The salmon had raw parts and it wasn't very meaty (a lot of boney parts).. it didn't seem very fresh either. The cali rolls, even though they were normal cali rolls, but I 've had better. the crab meat looked a little weird but maybe it's just me. I thought imitation crab meat is supposed to be whitish color with pink outer, but these were all pink? The udon was ok. nothing to rave about though.. a little salty I guess.

For the price I paid, I could have had a much better lunch elsewhere. I don't usually give places two chances, so I don't know why I came back here again. but I doubt I'll ever come back anymore.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yesterday for brunch, we tried out two chefs and a table. I try not to go anywhere further than Alibi room..but this restaurant is a block or two from it.. thinking it is a saturday morning, nothing sketchy could happen right??

This restaurant definitely sticks out from its surroundings.. (in a good way). The restaurant is rather quaint with an open kitchen. We sat by the window and watched the interesting scenery (nice rustic broken window apartments across the street).

The restaurant reminds me of urban like the decor and stuff.. the water had a strong detergent taste.. yuckk. I ordered the oatmeal and she the monte andres breakfast. My oatmeal (8) was standard and comforting (I really like oatmeal+granola at the moment). I was reminiscing and I realized the granola oatmeal thing from Elixir was actually really good. Anyways, the monte andres (10) was good. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn't because after we got the food, the whole staff stared at us... .. I would love to come back for dinner one day. in the summer.. when the sun is still out ..with a male.. for protection.

We headed to Sitar Indian restaurant near that sketchy gross pizza joint (although it has satisfied my drunken hunger many times). I've passed by Sitar many times and thought it looked tacky. but I was craving some indian food so we shared a butter chicken meal for 13.95. We got free papad in the beginning which was crispy and tasty. The meal had a small bowl of butter chicken with LOTS of pieces of chicken, a plate full of rice, and 2 pieces of big naan bread (2.25). Now THIS is a meal!!! damn heavenly bites.. what a horrible meal that was (google search my post on that restaurant.. and don't go to it). The butter chicken was delicious. It wasn't extremely spicy but extremely tasty. The only set back was I thought the naan bread was a little too sweet. I've had better. but it was a satisying meal and I wouldn't mind coming back.

We then went to Afro Canadian. Upon walking in, I felt uncomfortable just because obv we stuck out like sore thumbs. We sat down and the owner came and explained the restuarant and menus to us. he was really nice and cheerful.. a bit more comforting in a room where everyone just stared at us. I guess they don't usually get two asians walking in for a meal. He checked in on us multiple times throughout the meal and seemed eager to give us an authentic ethiopian/african meal. :)

Every dish is served on Injera with rice and salad. We ordered a vegetable (lentil) and a jerk chicken. Injera is a ethiopian bread.. it's thin like a crepe with a slightly sour taste to it. Anyways, the two dishes are served on it and we are supposed to rip the injera and eat it with the chicken/lentil. The jerk chicken, although spicy, was really tasty. I especially liked the sauce with the rice. we didn't really like the lentil... but anyways, the meal is HUGE. I think it could have served at least 4 of us. It cost us 16 not incl tax.

Finally we went to La Bretagne Creperie.. It is a small restaurant off Robson. We ordered the Peach melba crepe to share (peaches, raspberry sauce, ice cream, and whipped cream for 8.95). It was delicious! We finished it off in record time. It had a lot of filling and I found the ice cream inside to be very refreshing (i don't eat ice cream). yum!

wow, I think this is the first time that I liked all restaurants I went to. Good times. I have to do work now :(

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

ok, I wrote a while back that there was an ongoing 2 for 1 deal here on weekdays for feb. For a 3 course meal, it is 24 at lunch and 36 (?) for dinner...for two people :D The only downside here is that the chefs are students who are learning.. but I don't really think that is a downside.. as long as the food is tasty and good right?

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts on UrbanspoonWe were a tad late and sat at a table in the middle. It's not super spacious but I liked that there were windows at the kitchen, so I could see them making the chocolate cake =).. I ordered the scallops/mahimahi/dessert of the day and friend ordered soup/cornishhen/chocolatecake and then we were served the bread.. which were literally piping hot.. with steam coming up! They were really good with soft butter. mm..... but then we waited half an hour for our appetizers. . . . . .

The appies were good. My scallops wasn't too bad.. very nice. Then we waited for what seemed like another half hour for our main.. oi!! When we initially got there, we had 1 hour 2 min (I thought it was 102 min oops) in the meter. . before we even got to the main, we had to go refil it! UGH! I was getting impatient because I had to go to stupid meetings, and at the rate that my food was served, I was going to be late. What irked me more was when other people sat down, and they were served the appy 15 min (yes, I timed because they ordered when we went to refill the meter). wtfrick

So we had to wait for the mains for quite some time.. almost as if they were catching my mahi mahi in the ocean as we waited (jk... ). it's ok, we had quite stimulating conversations.. about the price of my shirt..and huppies.. lol.. when it came, my mahimahi was extremely bland. not just okay bland- but extremely bland. like no taste bland. so I tried to slather the mahi mahi in the sauce, but the sauce had no taste. wat's going on... I usually like food without s/p so that I can actually taste the natural flavors- but there were absolutley NO flavors. like.. it tasted like paper?? the cous cous was the best part of this dish. The hen was apparently dry.

We finally spoke up about being in a hurry (well, in the beginning I wasn't) and our dessert came in record speed. (thank you). This was the best part of my meal (aside from the bread). I ordered this risotto chocolate wrapped in wonton wrappers and deep fried (I think). mm It was good :) a little hard to eat (Think I needed a knife). Apparently the chocolate cake was extremely rich.

Another thing is that the tip is added (15 percent) which is fine.. but it actually came to 30% because it was 15% of two prix fixe meals, not just 1 (the price that I paid for). ehh.. this is just an fyi.

There's also a pastry shop outside selling extremely cheap pastries for 3.00 . good deal.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Xiang, Take Sushi, Pearl Drops Teahouse

I went to Xiang today because it was close to somewhere I needed to be... I've read a couple posts where people commented on how this is a edge/sketchy burnaby area... is it? I don't know, it seemed quite cheerful today when I was there.. I have to be around this area more for the next couple months, so hopefully it's not that bad. besides, I've been through worse (after clubbing-sketchy hastings-waiting for bus).

Xiang is hunan cuisine which is known for its spiciness.. which is probably the worst choice of restaurant for me. But I wanted to try it and it was conviently there.. I would have went to Kiss yo mama, because I have been tryin to go here for over a year now but it hasn't worked out.. grr!!

Xiang is a clean restaurant with two servers working.. they were extremely polite and efficient. First walking in, I got a little sketched because people staring .. uch.. We ordered a green onion pancake and a lamb+onion on rice. The rice dish was surprisingly good. It wasn't salty and had great taste. The green onion pancake however.. did not have enough onions.. so I felt like I was just eating a doughy pancake :( The meal cost about 15 dollars. They have decent lunch specials for 5.99. They only accept Cash.

Later, I met up with a friend and went to Take Sushi on Hastings next to Vita Bella. We ordered the Sunshine roll and take roll.. each around 8 bucks. The sushi chef was sweating and wiping himself with his shirt while making our rolls.. that was a little displeasing to watch.. I noticed but the table next to me commented on it. I saw many people get the sushi boxes that looked like a pretty good satisfying meal. The rolls were ok. They were a little small but full of ingredients. They were pretty good.

We went over to Pearl Drops Teahouse nearby. They specialize in various drinks and bubbleteas and teas. I am strictly a water gal.. I don't usually drink anything else cept green tea or occasionally orange juice (100%). I don't like bubbleteas at all so obv this place never appealed to me. But I was craving for dessert! and my friend was still hungry. She had the ramen with pork/kimchi and we also shared a matcha upside down cream cheese

that cream cheese was delicious. It reminded me of those cheesecake mousse from Metro .. soooo good! It was 5.00 the ramen was ok. We also got a drink .. passion fruit slush I think. I only had 3 sips of it.. it was extremely seedy. Side note- that door is hella hard to open/close. I watched these two women try to open it and couldn't and began staring at me inside as if to ask me/pondering how the hell i got in ha! but then we had difficulty leaving..

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ginza, Sagano, After Thoughts (the valley)

I went back to my absolute favorite sushi restaurant again a couple days ago. It was another delicious meal. We ordered the stanley park roll (yams), flamingo (chicken+chicken sausage), and vancouver (avo and unagi) rolls, and unagi don and a lunch sushi box (cali roll, tempura, salad, and katsu+rice).

The rolls here are so delicious and they are all around 8.50 for 8 pieces. They are rolled nicely (do not fall apart), not a lot of rice, and a lot of filling inside. I hate it when the special rolls all taste like cali roll. like another sushi restaurant I mentioned in the past, where I swear they all tasted like cali rolls except they had extremely small pieces of bacon or unagi inside.

I loved the flamingo roll. It was different since I`ve never had chicken and chicken sausage in mine.. yum. I really want to try a couple others- they have one that is tomato, prawn tempura, and potato.. interesting.

The unagi don had thinly sliced unagi. the Lunch box was ok, the katsu was fried very nicely.
The restaurant itself is extremely clean and they use the freshest ingredients.

It`s such a shame that not a lot of people know about this place (or maybe it`s good that it`s still a gem). but I really hope they don`t go out of business. I mean, last time I came here for dinner, we were the only table. and couple days ago there was only us and one other guy there. If you`re ever in the valley- definitely try sagano! They still have the buy 2 get 1 roll free.. such a great deal!!

I also went to Ginza Sushi in PoCo this past wkd. The place is dark and small and there was only one waitress working. They offer regular or jumbo sized rolls. We had the jumbo and they are freaking humongous. I had the crunchy roll (cunchy flakes and cali roll), and the canucks roll (chicken+beef terryaki and unagi). The crunch roll was ok because it tasted like cali roll (they were supposed to have shrimp tempura but it was only on the ends..) but the canucks roll was not good because there were just way too much meat and filling inside. it fell apart extremely easily. We also had a chirashi don.. eh. I`ve had better. The hokkigai tasted a little funny.
This meal cost 40 dollars, and the one above was 45... the one above was soo much more worth it.

Today I went to After Thoughts for dessert. I had the pumpkin cheesecake for 5 dollars and friend had the vancouver cheesecake also for 5. they were ok. For the size, I think they were worth more like 3.50

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ebo, Mui Garden

Last week I went to ebo before my class. It is located in the grand villa casino by the Willngdon Exit. There are palm trees around it :) made me happy. Anyways, the casino is really nice adn Ebo is very very beautiful. They specialize in Japinese Western cuisine. Too bad I didn`t get to try it since we were there around 2:30 and only the lounge was open.

We got the calamari and naan bread to share. I can`t begin to explain how pretty this restaurant it. It was spacious yet full of tables. The colors and decor were really pretty.
The was food looked good and tasted really delicious. Calarmai was fried nicely and the naan bread was fluffy and soft, with good dips to go with it.

Our server was pretty nice, but she was gone afterwhile. but it`s ok, another server came over a lot filling out water and asking if everything was good (we got 3 people (the other being bartender) asking us if everything was ok in the span of 10 min). At the end the 2nd server came over with the bartender and introduced the bartender to us (emphasizing this point..sorry no thanks, i've been drunk for classes before and it's not that fun) and I think he started hitting on me.. kept lingering around.. asking my name.. saying he knows me from somewhere.. introducing himself again.. ehh..

I went to Mui garden on North Rd also last week for a quick dinner. I was never a big fan of this place, but I went anyways because I was too braindead to care where I was going for a quick bite. We ordered noodles, lamb curry+rice, pork satays, and half a chicken, and roti canai. Everything was standard. The curry here is pretty good, satays a bit salty, Roti a little too doughy but the dipping sauce was good. Service here is normal, not extremely polite but extremely efficient.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Campagnolo, Sura, Chau, Chicco

Going to Campagnolo was a complete accident. We were going down Main st to go downtown and decided to stop by. I am not a fan of this street..since one time I walked from Hastings all the way to the main st skytrain station because I thought I was meeting my friend there, but it was actually stadium. doh. and the sketchy people kept blatantly staring and saying things to me. ugh.

It is a small, quaint restaurant that I would definitely overlooked if I wasn't searching for it, but inside was a very nice clean room. There weren't a lot of tables filled but I think we were there at a weird time again (2 maybe?). The prices were very good but we had no idea what anything meant. haha. We just ordered the Crispy Ceci and panna cotta... at the same time. I am so used to eating random meals at random times I can take on savory and sweet together. and I wanted to go shop, so no time to waste!!

The crispy ceci were a bowl of chickpeas with some green leafy vegetable. I actually didn't mind this dish, they tasted like KFC chicken to me for some reason and I liked it because chickpeas are healthy =) but honestly, the panna cotta was my fave. It was so delicious. My friend liked the texture but I loved the milky taste. It was rich, but not SUPER rich.. I don't know but it was really goooddd. Apparently they have a bar in the back as well- I guess I shall come back one day.

We went to Sura for a quick bite after. There were only 2 tables filled and we felt like people watching again so we sat by the window. The music was really weird and actually began to annoy us after awhile. It was like On a loop- same thing over and over again. it reminded me of mario brothers but slower and more annoying.. on a loop. OI. The food took FOREVER to get out.. even when there were no other customers there (the rest already had food) and there were at least like 3 chefs inside.

We just had the Japchae rice.. which is just glass noodles. the ban chee (?) and soup came at the same time. umm the meal is ok. I guess it would be filling for one person but damn was it ever spicy.

We went next door to Chicco right after for a piece of japanese cheesecake. The worker man kept staring at me and smiling so I thought I was supposed to order but then right when I was doing so, he looked off. Oops, the real cashier lady probably thought I was shouting out an order to the worker when i was supposed to be telling her.. oh well. the cake was 4.50, and it tasted like pound cake.. but with cheese. We finished it in 4 bites each. It was nice. The room itself is very small and I think most of the people there were canto. The rest of the desserts looked very good. We might come back one day for something different.

Right after, we went to Chau (we are crazy). We wanted Pho bo because it sounded funny (fo bo fo bo!). The room is nice, the music was a little like sura. annoying. The waitress was a little fake- reminded me of aritizia workers. We had the pho bo which was just a regular bowl of pho for 11 dollars!! geez. Too expensive and nothing amazing.

even though I don't have midterms this semester, I have too many papers and projects and things I need to sort out- I don't think I will be updating for awhile now.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Elixir, Sandbar

omg I saw Pat Quinn. hahaha.
this is the first time I've actually noticed and recognized someone. the Last time I did I thought he was colin farrell, and it turned out he was just some random. He was wearing a Skate Canada jacket and that's why I know for sure it was him. He stared at me and stopped for awhile too..but instead of saying hi, I just ducked back into the car to tell my NON hockey caring friend that Pat Quinn is right there. stupid! I think he heard me haha.. oops (yes I am a hockey fan. go habs)

He went to Glowbal I think, and I went to Elixir because I thought there was a 3 course brunch for 20 dollars. I've been to Elixir once (or opus bar I guess) and had a glass of wine, but my wine glass was REALLY dirty and I decided never to go back again. I got there at 10:30 so I think it was still breakfast. damnit! Since we parked at those expensive meters, we had to eat a one course breakfast in less than an hour. gah oh well. We were seated in a tiny little room, with all the other tables. I don't understand it, there were SOO many spacious seats outside, but no. they cramp everyone into the small room. When I first went in, I didn't even know it was open because I didn't see anyone.

I don't really like breakfast and eggs benedict too much atm so I wanted to order something different- so I had the oatmeal for 8 dollars. She had the parisenne breakfast (?) for 12. My oatmeal was pretty good- because I haven't had it for a very long time, but her breakfast was just bread, chocolate-strawberry jam, cheese that tasted like cream cheese, and fruit. She wasn't too pleased with the price of her dish. meh. That's how I feel about elixir- meh.

We went to granville island to get our pyschic readings (i needed guidance ok.) and it was horrible (I should be a nun..?), so I was fuming and needed to restaurant hop so we went to Sandbar. It is very big and spacious. The open kitchen is very nice and I heard upstairs is nicer than downstairs. Our server was really tall. oi. but he was nice. We just ordered a wok squid to share. It was SUPER garlicy. Whoa! I didn't like it. I had two and coerced my friend to eat the rest. yuck.

Afghan was closed (damnit!!!) so we went to Robson-- will continue later. I need to eat brunch downtown more often now.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mon Bella

I read somewhere that there was 2 for 1 brunch at Mon Bella so obv I was going. My parents don't eat "west coast" food, but I told them this was a good deal, so they agreed for our sunday lunch. My roomie came along since we have one extra meal. The resturant is small and quite cute, execpt they have this crazy weird poster hanging.. the man looks like he's in pain and he was in my vision the entire meal. They also played kanye and top 40 music- for some reason I felt kinda weird listening to it.

My parents don't like speaking english (wtf) so I ordered for them. The food took over half an hour to come out and there was no bread for us to munch on while waiting. I had the croque madame, they had the frittata and a salmon eggs benny. my friend had the mushroom omelette.

The food was o-k, they really loved the salmon benny, but my croque madame was really salty. It could have been the cheese but then I ate a lone piece of egg and it tasted like salt overload. gross. The mashed potatoes that came with it was good. The good thing was that the eggs were very big. The meal cost 25 dollars.

Afterwards, I lied down in the car all the way home to abby. I really don't want to eat for two weeks. and I am going to go run 10 miles. (I wrote this last sunday.. fasting and running never happened)

edit- to Rob Issac, talk about hate! I never even said I didn't like this restaurant. if you don`t like what I write, then please don`t read this. I am sorry you got offended and decided to call me 13 and racist. calm down, it's the internet. My parents prefer Asian cuisine over West Coast, it's a personal choice. and sorry I don't have 19-25000 to spend on food, since because that must mean I am not allowed to eat out and voice my thoughts and feelings. I guess since I am 13, I should just eat at Mcdonalds right. If you really have a problem with me, then let me know.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heavenly Bites, Turkish Donair, Sushi Town

Heavenly Bites and Turkish Donair are across from Burgers etc and Sfinaki, two very very good restaurants. Upon entering Heavenly bites (Indian restaurant), there were no one. The restaurant's website looked very promising so I was eager to try this place out. We ordered the special chicken curry on rice for 6.95. The server/cashier man was super nice and smiley.. Then my friend ordered me to go over next door to get a turkish donair.. which if you haven't realized from my previous posts, something I've wanted to try for quite a while now.

It is a quaint restaurant with a couple of tables and two TVs. one man is working and he's a man. LOL sorry, I had "pretty cheerful: written there to describe but then after reading and reminiscing, i realized he wasn't that cheerful, he was just sorta loud and kinda talkative to break the silence..and I don't know the word to describe it. I ordered the hawaiian roll with no onions for 4.93 I think. It consisted of lamb lettuce and pineapples. Anyways.. back to the curry.

I come back to see a sad bowl of curry with little rice. um.. for 7.50 incl tax?? this is NOT worth it. I know I know we shared a single meal, but if I had eaten this alone, I would not be full (well I think it's been established that I eat a lot but still) There were no naan bread or anything, just a half cup of rice with a small bowl of curry with a couple pieces of chicken. omg.

We were semi fuming but the donair was very good. It was refreshing from the lettuce and pineapple.. it worked well together and it was quite delicious. We were gonna go for pizza at domenicos.. but it was closed so we opted for sushi town. more like youngin town (I did not come up with this stupid name, my friend did). but she makes a point. we were there around 2-3, and I guess high school just finished and it was full of them. The place itself is a little shabby looking but adequate. There's like 5 sushi chefs . wow haha. The food is pretty cheap, we just ordered two rolls- awesome and mangodoise rolls for around 4-6 dollars I think.

They tasted like california rolls but with a little somethin different on top. They were good, and we left before more little kids could pile in and subject ourselves to tween gossip and mindless swearing. God I sound like I am 40. I should go sleep now, it's past my bedtime (jk, but seriously.. early class tmrw.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The grEAT Bistro (abby)

Great Korean & Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon I went to try this korean+japanese restaurant on the other side of town. It was really small and nearby were two other jap restaurants in the same mall (incl my old ayce restaurant). Inside, was one waitress and no customers. They had no sushi bar, I am guessing they make everything inside the kitchen..

We ordered the bibambap, korean style sweet and sour pork, and two rolls (special and caterpillar). The sweet and sour pork were 18 dollars. Fuck! But a korean person told us to try korean style sweet and sour pork so I thought it would be special and different. but 18 dollars diff? in the valley? this better be some special pig pork I am eating or damn good sweet and sour sauce.

The food comes and the pork dish looks like 7 dollars at a random chinese restaurant meal. Fuck. It tastes absolutely normal and how I could have saved 15 bucks if I went to Manchuwok. The bibambap was average but fine for the price. The two rolls looked pretty, but they were similar cept one had unagi and the other had bacon. But honestly, it was real hard to tell the diff because there was so much imitation crab meat in it and the piece of bacon/unagi were so small I could have mistaken both . but they were 8/9 dollars so it was o-k

My meal came to 50 dollars. for lunch. in fricking abbotsford.

How does it keep making business when there's two other jap restaurants in the same strip mall??? My meal at Sagano, with 3 rolls and rice bowl, cost 35 in total for dinner. OI.

Ping's Cafe, Soma, Narrow Lounge

Ping's Cafe is very minimalist. It is not eye catching and kinda ugly from outside but inside, it is another story. All the lights and seatings all create a beautiful ambience. The lights were my favorite, they exuded a sense of warmth and mystique for me (wow, I can't believe I just used mystique to describe something.. oi) . It was so silent and calming inside, it made me feel like I was escaping the cold, loud, conjested main street. I liked it.

We ordered a ping dog and a potato salad. I wanted to try the poutine, hamburger meal, and croquette but I couldn't, I was too full. The potato salad (3.50) was very refreshing and tasty. I loved that it had cucumber mmm. The ping dog (around 6) was just a Bratwurst. it was ok. I don't really like radish so, it wasn't my thang. She must have thought we were anorexic because we couldn't even eat all the salad and barely finished the ping dog, between us. She laughed at us when we said we were done.. Ms ping waitress lady, you have no idea the day I have had.

We headed over to Soma on 8th for a dessert. It is very clean and simple inside. They menu is basically on the chalkboard on the side. They seem to be more of a share plate, charaterie type of place. We shared the frozen chocolate mousse wtih biscotti and strawberry for 7 dollars. It was ok, nothing to rave about. The room is nice, I'll probably come back one day for food.

Finally we headed over to Narrow Lounge. It's on 3rd and there are no big flashy signs.. If you see a red light on, then you know the narrow lounge is open. I saw a door that looked it was some back door to a random shop, so I was kinda afraid. My friend thought I was a wuss so she went to open the door but ran off because the lighting inside was this neon red light.. that looked like some horror movie. What a wuss, so I went first and had to open another door to inside. It's really dark with lots of different art and deer heads as decoration. Everyone seems to know each other. Even though I was going through a no drinking phase, I was way too full to eat and maybe I m just against getting drunk, one drink is fine. Our drinks were pretty good.. and this was the time when I realized I was a yuppie.. because all we did was talk business. what the hell is wrong with us. we use to be all bitch please i live a hard knock life. at least we still told stupid jokes.. "what are the two sexiest animals out there? answer: brown chicken brown cow... bow chica wow wow.. HAHAHA. chicka chicka wow wow.

Did this post even make sense? oi.

I am crazy, I am never going to this many restaurant in one day ever again.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kishu Island + Cascade Room

Kishu Island is a huge sushi restaurant on the corner of Main and Broadway. I also just realized there are many many sushi joints in Van with Kishu in the name.. I was confused for awhile. But, we chose to go here for a quick bite because Toshi was closed :( and side note: sandy's cuisine is closed! :(:(I always wanted to go and see Sandy..

Anyways, inside Kishu is full of colorful food photos and menus everywhere in the restaurant. The menu doesn't list everything, so I just looked around to see what to choose. We were situated in a booth and wow, i think this is the most uncomfortable seating I've ever sat in. I think someone sat here recently or something and made an ass groove.. I didn't want to sit in the created seat, so I sat on the side, my friend said she sat on two ass grooves LOL so it sunk down and up ..twice . talk about uncomfortable. oh and they also played When pets go bad on one TV and my friend couldn't stop watching it. So her face was in terror the entire time she ate.. We switched seats because my vision of view tv was playing top chef and I didn't want to see wat happens (wayyy behind my seasons) and I am too robotic for crazy dogs biting their owner to have an impact on me. But seriously, why play this at a sushi restaurant??

We just picked a pressed smoked salmon sushi roll for around 6-7 dollars. It was ok.. the roll is wrapped in smoked salmon with a piece of avocado inside. There was also a piece of lemon on top of each sushi. The washroom here is really dingy and gross... try to avoid. They also need a minimum order of 10 dollars in order to use Debit.

We also ventured to Cascade Room for a small bite. The wall paper is so pretty and the seating was really comfortable. We just ordered polenta fries (6 dollars) and mussels (12). I didn't know what polenta was but it sounded interesting. It sure was interesting- but a bad interesting. They were so gross! we each ate one and couldn't eat it further. I was going to give it to a homeless, but I saw none on Main St.. which is weird, because I would have thought there'd be at least one. Ok, I am trailing off topic. The mussels had good flavor- but they were really small and not juicy at all. Traf had delicious mussels.

Eh To everything.

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