Saturday, February 28, 2009

Paradise Vegetarian Restaurant

non foodie note: is there a bug going around? I think I caught it :( sniffling and sneezing and feverin here.. :( it's ok, I just found out I am studying abroad in fall! Crossing my fingers it's CBS although lund would be fine too =) gotta start saving up money... ack

I went to paradise vegetarian restaurant on 10th st in Burnaby. It's in a little plaza mall and it's really hard to see. It was dark and the sign wasn't very noticeable/bright. The room is very small and clean. The place closes nightly at 9pm.. rather early.. but up until 9pm, it was very busy.

There's only one waitress and I think three women in the back. They speak cantonese. The waitress is very peaceful and calm..pretty nice woman too. We ordered a pho, combo, and curry fried rice. Since it is a vegetarian restuarant, all the meat are veggie imitation meat.

The food took an exceptionally long time to come, but I think it's due to the insufficient amount of workers. But it's ok, it added to the cozy ambience I guess.

The combo 3 included spring roll (surprisingly very good) skewers of bbq chicken and beef I think?(they tasted the same to me) and a viet roll. the Viet roll was refreshing and yummy. I wasn't too fond of the meats though. It reminded me of the vegetarian food I ate when I was young in HK after I went to the cemetary. (After I went to "bai sun", we would go to a restaurant in the cemetary to eat "jai"). The memory is not a good one so I wasn't too fond of the connotation.

Same goes to the pho..It had this sweeter smell which reminded me of the same HK memories that I didn't like. so I couldn't eat it anymore. The tofu and meat balls were good. The curry fried rice was pretty good though. it was spicy, but a spicy I could handle. We also ordered the chi cheesecake for 3.50 at the end. It had no taste, not even the berry compote on top...

The restaurant itself isn't too bad. I am sure many people enjoys this restaurant. It's interesting to try a vegetarian viet restaurant. but aside from personal pref, the place was just adequate.. it wasn't exceptionally bad nor exceptionally good. it was just..okay.

sorry for such a boring review, I need to go lie down