Monday, December 29, 2008

Winter Trip

My parents persuaded me to go on a tour thing with them and some relatives to Portland, Oregon. It was only for 3 days and they kept emphasizing the shopping part to me. Since I realized I really don't do anything with family anymore and I hadn't seen my relatives in god knows how long (probably over a year).. maybe I should do something family like for christmastime.. I personally hate tours but 3 days.. and shopping right?? I'll be ok..

I am not a big fan of outlets because I never find anything the first day we went to a shopping mall so I was happy =) we ate at Cheesecake Factory.. We waited over an hour for a seat.. I was really adamant in going here because the other options were TGIFridays, Red Robins, and food court. got sick of TGIFriday food, got sick of Red Robin the place and I did not want to eat food court for the entire trip!! :(

When we sat down, there was water and bread waiting already =) We all ordered food and got rave reviews for everything. renee's special had a very good soup + salad. The jambalaya pasta was good, blahblahblah.. but my crab cakes was soo gross. It wasn't even staying together and fell apart and soggy.. bleh. We ordered cheesecakes to go.. We ordered vanilla, kahlua, strawberry, and banana cream. I think I liked the banana cream best

Todai Sushi and Seafood Buffet on Urbanspoon The next day, we ate at Todai because it was included in the package. I saw this place one time in Seattle when I was super hungry. We passed by and saw people eating crab legs and sushi and almost walked in for a quick grab even though we had reservations for some steakhouse in 20 minutes. I am glad I didn't because there is soo much food here! Well, now that I think about it, obv it wasn't as big as LV buffets but the amount of sushi! I didn't eat lunch so I was starving.. My first plate, I just loaded it with a piece of every kind of sushi, sashimi, unagi sushi, and crab salad. Everything was soo good because I was starving, I scarfed down everything (except the love roll because it was a little spicy for me). I was on my second plate while everyone else was still on their first.. because they kept raving about the place while I just ate and ate. My second plate wasn't as good.. I went for the hot plates food, such as fish, shortribs, clams, mussels, etc. The shortribs were good but the various kinds of fish were really rubbery. There was also a station for udon and crepes. I didn't eat it.

At the end was a dessert aisle. I liked how everything was in small pieces because everything wasn't very good and I didn't feel as bad not eating anything after one bite. The cheesecakes were really bland, the key lime was too sweet, and the creme brulee wasn't very smooth..

My father wanted ice cream so I went to get him a cone but the ice cream was melted.. gross. The service was very very attentive and nice too! which is a surprise because I expected them to be super crabby and moody. I am not a fan of buffets but this one is a good one to go to... because of the sushi :)

We stayed at Marriott Courtyard with breakfast included. I remember when we stayed at courtyard in NYC, we had breakfast included which was pretty good.. until I found a huge hair in my scrambled eggs. Anyways, this breakfast wasn't very good. The scrambled eggs wasn't dry enough for me (i just like dry eggs though, so that's my own opinion), the sausages were soo salty, and the hash browns real dry. The pastry was sugar overload. So I only ate pineapples and toast.
Oh at the end, we stopped at Tullalup again for the outlets. I ate at famous wok again. Everything I come here, I eat here.. what the hell is wrong with me. But what were my choices? Great steaks?? Ranch Chicken?? (or smth like that)

Curry King

Upon returning back from Portland, we all went to Curry King for a quick dinner before braving it back to the valley. It was a pain to find parking..since we didn't know you could park in capers for an hour underground.. argh. The walk to curry king afterwards was hell.. the sidewalk was soo icy.. I slipped about 60 times. I had the elderly telling ME to be careful. oi! At the end, I wasn't even walking, I was just sliding my way through.

Interior of curry king is pretty tacky with colorful everything and a tv playing boxing. We had nine people so we sat in the middle. While waiting for the food, we saw everyone eating crabs and lobster. the Lobster looked really good. It was cheese baked I think.. the meal was 22.95? man, I could have so eaten that one day.. but I had no appetite and opted for a roti canai instead for 4.95.

My roti was really greasy but it was adequate for the price and the curry was good too. It was mild enough for me to eat =). I think banana leaf had the best roti still.

Other things ordered were the chicken/beef brisket curries, fried rice, noodles (gong chao ngo ho), some veggie dish, and rice dish I think. I didn't eat anything else but some said the curry was good, others said not.. and I think everything was just adequate.

The menu is huge with various items to choose from. If only I was hungry..

I want to try this place again.. and try the lobster.. .. =)

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twisted Fork Bistro

I went to Twisted Fork Bistro today because it is new and I heard many things about it. I was very intrigued.

I planned on coming back to metro van and partying/hanging out for a couple days. but then after I came out, I looked at the weather network and it said that it was gonna snow hella crazy for the next two days. I was in a complete loss of wat to do. With a dying computer (freaking had it for just a YEAR. stupid vaio), I didn't want to be bored, stuck at home on a sat night. My roomie told me to meet up with her after work downtown for dinner and then if snow gets real bad, we would stay over at her home in north van. mmmk..

When I went down, it wasn't snowing yet so I was grateful. We walked on over to Granville and almost got suckered into 3.95 bellinis at Wings but wings is so gross there was no way I would let this happen. The bistro is next to Space lounge HAHA. It's a place I kinda wanted to go for a bit but my friends that have been thinks it was hella gay and forbids me to go. damn

We went inside from the chilly coldness (ps How the FUCK are people going clubbing in heels and booty shorts in this weather?? I can't even walk straight in my boots. crazy bitches) and sat by the windows because I wanted to how bad the weather was going to get..

We ordered a bottle of wine and had two separate appies (crab cakes and ahi tuna salad). Everything was quite affordable.. Wine going as cheap as 30 bucks a bottle, appies around 6-9 bucks? Even the mains were around 24 bucks I think. Good prices make me happy haha :)

The crab cake at first was too spicy for me but then it got pretty yummy, the ahi tuna salad was apparently very good too. We also ordered a dessert, they were 7 bucks I think? Gosh I don't remember anymore, I had more than 3/4 of that bottle. We had the lavender creme brulee. Aside from cheese, it was the only non chocolate thing on the list.. and I am not a big fan of choc desserts. The creme brulee was surpringly yummy. After that disaster at Kettle, I was very content. The creme brulee was well portioned with cookies and biscotti. mmm

The service was really nice and talkative. I hope she doesn't read this but she was a little self involved. me and my friend both thought so.. because she kept telling us about herself while we just wanted to catch up privately. Don't get me wrong, she was super nice.. but this was one of the conversations: "how many classes are you taking next semester?" "5, 4 business" "oh but are they UD though (in a condescending way) " "yes all 400" "oh well, I am doing pt just 3 UD because I need to keep up my open scholarship" "me and my friend do not comment" "ya.. I am hoping to graduate after two more pt semesters" ..i think sometimes this is a bit tmi, please stop sharing your life with us. we talked about the snow and then how we were worried about getting up the mountain her: " Well there's the 135 or 144 you can take or even the N35 (like educating us for the first time how to take buses home)". um.. Obv we know this? we've lived there for about 3 years now? wtf? .

I also think my volume went up two notches for every glass of wine I had.. I am sorry. I am sure the restaurant did not feel like listening to my soap opera life. hah.

We left while the snow was falling like crazy. but since we felt warmth inside from the wine, we wanted to go dance. We contemplated about busting a move at plaza from free cover, but i was lugging my wonky laptop around in my new and beautiful laptop bag. and if anyone spilled alcohol on it I might punch them out, and I didn't feel like seeing a certain bouncer while I was drunk (ok i m tmi now)

we managed to get home, but then I accidentally sent out a mass text to everyone in my phone book. holy crap.. I am soo traumatized. then I deleted most of my contacts, and now I receive texts and I don't know who they are from. doh.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Hons/Me + Eds

Hons.. the one place both asians and white ppl go for good bbq meat, rice, wonton soup, etc. Some say it reminds them of HK, others just like it because it's cheap and fast, and I guess it's rather authentic.

I used to go when I was a child.. esp to the coquitlam one because it's close.. but then one time, I witnessed a man server yank a woman servers hair really hard because they were verbally fighting in front of all the customers. I was like. ten at that time. so it kinda scared me. Definitely something you do not want to see at a restaurant.

I had to go to coquitlam today so we stopped by Hons quickly before heading back.. we ordered a bbq pork+rice and wonton soup separately.. but then I looked at the menu and saw that together combo is only 7.49. Being asian cheapskate I am, obv I wanted this! so we tracked down our intial server by him walking to her, then another server came over so I told about it, but then there was confusion because both were told.. so we told a 3rd server and she fixed everything. haha phewf. Confusion just to save a few bucks.. but they were totally nice about it :) and I am glad we ordered the combo because I wasn't very hungry (the combos were smaller).

Everything was adequate . nothing to rave but nothing to be disgusted by. Definitely worth 7.49!!! so come here for a cheap eat!

Me and Eds is this new pizza joint in Abby. There's other locations in the lower mainland so I am guessing it is a semi successful franchise? We went today and it was quite empty when we got it.. there was a fly that kept flying around too.. soo annoying and gross. We ordered nachos and a small pizza. for nachos they cost 12.95 I think, and has no meat at all. We ordered it without onions/olive/jalapenos.. haha basicallyalmost everything! we also ordered a small pizza the Me & Ed's Combo with meats pepper and mushrooms I think.

The food came and the nachos was fricking gigantic. Omg it could have fed 6 people.. but nope, it was just 2 people.. oh god. There was nothing but tomatoes and cheese on it too.. We thought lettuce was included? anyways.. omg we were sooo full after, it was ok.. the chips were too hard for my liking. The pizza was pretty good.. very meaty with a thin crust.
but man! we were soooo full from the nachos we just had one slice each and took the rest home.

Two things- cost us 15 bucks each. and it was a small pizza.. I don't know if that's a good price. Doubtful I will be back.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chada Thai

It was snowing SOO bad I decided to go home again. So we went to Chada Thai in Coquitlam first for lunch. The restaurant is very small but nicely decorated. When we walked in, they kindly greeted us with a bow. We sat down offered the menu. It was really big but only one page is the food menu, the rest are beverages. The lunch specials are 8.99.. It is the main with soup/fried wontons and salad. Since there was a minimum charge of 8.50/person, we ordered one special each. the Pad Thai, Curry, and Fried Rice. The food came super quick! But we were like the second table there.. who the hell is crazy enough to eat out today.

The soup that came was sweet..spicy.. and sour at the same time. it wasn't good at all. The Curry rice came first, it was ok. The curry was a little too spicy for me (I have 0 tolerance for spiciness.. :S) but it was ok. The fried wontons were ok but a little cold. I didn't like the pad thai's noodles.. they weren't thin enough.. but the taste was very very yummy. Much better than the one from Urban Thai (Tasted/looked like spaghetti!!). The Fried Rice.. had too much salty fish (I don't know what it's called). Wayy too salty.. to the point of bitterness??

The portions were ok but for 8.99 I don't think it's worth it. I didn't like this place, definitely will not be back.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Come Along Seafood Restaurant

I am back in Burnaby for a couple of days and so we went for a family lunch.. We were on Kingsway for some other stuff and passed by Come Along Seafood Restaurant. It used to have a different name but I forget what it was called

Inside is very very small and cramped. We waited at the front for quite some time before we got a table. The waiting area is so bad too, I was always in someones way. We finally sat down and we ordered from a sheet. We didn't order much.. like 5 dishes I think.. just normal stuff- bbq pork buns, siu mai, rice flour roll with chinese doughnut inside, chicken+rice wrapped in bamboo leaf, and gyozas. the only different thing was this spareribs and rice flour noodles in a pot.

The first thing that came was the chicken+rice and it was very good. it wasn't too dry or too soggy. Moist enough to bring out the taste.. It was either actaully good, or we were just too hungry to notice anything bad. The chinese doughnut one (Jia leung) was not good. At first, we didn't pour the soy sauce over it (none of us took the initiative I guess) so we could taste the actual taste and the rice flour noodle part tasted funny. It wasn't good. The bbq pork buns were either wayy too soft or my chopsticks skills are deteriorating. I couldn't pick any of them up without breakin them. oh no. (side note: when I was little I used to get hit if I couldn't hold chop sticks properly. I guess I am too old now, my parents just shake their heads at me.) The gyozas were too soggy and the filling inside came out too easily. Siu mai were ok, a little on the small side. and the spareribs/rice flour noodles was GROSS. When it came, it was in a pot of FATTY OIL. like, I guess that's what makes it delicious, but I was soo turned off by the bowl of oil. especially since I blot my pizzas and everything else that could produce lots of oil.. I ate one, and that was it. It wasn't even good.. or maybe it was because I kept tellin myself how oily everything was. Since my parents are trying to lose weight for my brother's wedding next year, I persuaded them to eat one and take the rest home and saute the spareribs with veggies or something.

I did not enjoy Come Along. .. so much that I didn't even order desserts. The whole meal cost 30 bucks... The service wasn't very good.. We had to wave them down for a couple minutes before we got their attention. They seriously go about their errands without making eye contact with any other tables.. wtf.

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Friday, December 19, 2008


Pinkys Steakhouse is located in Yaletown and on W 4th. I've been to Yaletown location twice and it's been pleasant..

The first time, we randomly stumbled upon the restaurant and went inside for appys and drinks. We were seated in these really comfty black chairs. We ordered a bottle of wine and two appys: coconut shrimps and calamari. Both were disgusting and the presentation was pretty ugly too.. But the ambience and our comfort won us over and we planned on coming back here one day for mains entrees.

The second time was for my father's birthday. This time we sat in a booth. Our waitress was super nice and attentive... even with my parent's really bad english, she was patient and understanding. My parents ordered the steaks and I just had an appetizer (wasn't very hungry and because I was paying). I had the garlic shrimps?.. they turned out to be REALLY garlicy. It was served with a shit load of garlic on top of my shrimps too.. euckk.. The steaks were ok. I think one of them was rather salty. They camewith pastas and onion rings.

She was really nice and decided to give us free ice creams. I don't like ice cream so it was an added bonus for my father. I haven't been back to Pinkys in a very long time.. but I wouldn't mind trying it out at Kitsilano :) I think the steaks here are affordable and adequate.. just steer clear of those disgusting appys.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I don't think I've ever blogged about this restaurant before. The first time we came here was a total accident. We were just stumbling around downtown and we liked the name of the restaurant :P The ambience inside is very nice and romantic. There is an outside patio-ish part.. We sat there and enjoyed a wine flight with dessert. It was very good (I think.. this was in 2007). It was actually the first time I finally enjoyed wine, and I am glad it was from here.

The next time I went, we went for more wine and desserts. We had the creme brulee and a cheesecake (pic above) . The cheesecake was decorated very nicely. I loved the knife fork outline :D but unforunately the cheesecake was pretty gross. It was too mushy I think. The creme brulee was ok, it was nothing spectacular.

This place is cute for a date =) I'll probably come here for some real food next time

edit: Came here, I keep getting suckered in by the ambience. but no, I don't like the food here Newer Post

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sagano Sushi

Sagano Sushi on Urbanspoon I think I have a new favorite sushi spot... and surprisingly it's in abby!

A new sushi place called Sagano Sushi just opened across from the mall so we decided to go. If I didn't know about it, I wouldn't even see it or realized it was there... There were barely any advertisement or eye catching signs anywhere. oi. Inside, was absolutely dead.. and no tables were filled during our time there! (6-7).

We ordered a couple rolls and a chirashi don and croquette.. They were having a promotion at the time, if you order 2 rolls, the 3rd one was for free :) We had a roll with yam tempura/unagi, salmon/avocado, and dessert (banana/avocado). The first two rolls were very very delicious.. and pretty! the dessert roll however was disgusting! banana on top was fine, but the banana tempura was soggy and gross as hell. The Avocado/cucumber inside did not even go with the banana. eww..

The Chirashi don had really fresh sashimi. The croquette was fried nicely.. I have absolutely no complaints.

Dinner cost 35 bucks. Wow! That is cheap! I definitely thought it would be more expensive but I guess with one free roll, our meal was very valuable. I wish they advertised their restaurant more. This is a hidden gem for sure. I loved everything we ordered and I will probably come back very soon to try more rolls and other dishes. If you're ever around Abby, definitely check this place out :)

edit* I have a few more sagano posts so search for it on my site and there will be more pictures and posts!!

Christmas timee

There is absolutely nothing on the mountain that I live on that reminds me of christmas.. Well there is that one christmas tree that i saw never because it was too freaking cold for me to walk outside. Other then that, the tone up above is dreary, sad, and gloomy from exams and school. I was too focused on acing my exams (which I unfortunately didn't) that I rarely went to the malls or basically to the real world to see the christmas lights and decorations. So when someone informed me that there were 2 weeks left til christmas, it definitely did not hit me.. and it still hasn't now tat there's only 1 week! I guess this year, I've stayed away from media/malls/suburban houses that christmas just crept up on me.

I tried to bake cookies today in an attempt to bring out the christmas spirit in me. I guess it worked a little but not really. maybe tomorow I'll play christmas songs. but so yaa... I kind of don't have money this year because I am saving up to buy some really hot boots.. so I decided to make my gifts this year.. not only is it sentimental but it cannot be duplicated! Hopefully it works out.. it's gonna be my first time making truffles .. Merry merry christmasss :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008


We decided to go to Posh Sukiyaki restaurant today. I've seen this place many many times on Broadway but never been because I don't really see the appeal of having hot pots at restaurants. I have it all the time at my house.. what's the big deal? I get a hot pot of water and cook some raw foods. la dee da. Why do I have to pay for this.

However, the thing about Posh is that it is the First sukiyaki hot pot in North America? Ok, I guess I should try it. As opposed to the normal hot pots I have, the soup base is a bit different in sukiyaki hot pots and the beef is apparently different as well.. it uses soy sauce and mirin and sugar as opposed to just water.

Anyways, the lunch was all you can eat for 11.88 I think, pretty cheap! upon walking in, we were greeted nicely by the host and quickly got a table. The decor is very slick and sophisticated, the seats are very comfty.. the whole place is rather posh :p. Our waitor came and he explained everything to us and even ordered a sample run through for us to let us sample the most popular things that they have.

The only two meats offered were pork and beef. The rest were various vegetables like yams, rice cakes, taro, 4 diff tofu, bean sprouts, .etc.. Everything was pretty good. The beef were cut very thinly and there wasn't very much fat on it too :) The veggies were very good.. my fave were yams and taro.. They also gave us 3 eggs for dipping.. but I don't do that anymore so we used it to make poached eggs haha.

The only downside was that the soy sauce was on a bit of a sweeter side for me, but that was ok. and also, after the initial greet from our waitor, we never saw him ever again.

oh and also, the music was normal mandarin pop .. but then all of a sudden akon keep you much longer came on.. I was fine with it but it was just amusing how quickly the music changed (side note.. my father thinks akon is white and sounds like the beach boys.. when obv he's dark as night LOL). then mandarin pop again.. then The Killers forget about what I said came on. did some white people all of a sudden came into the restaurant? haha.. so random! then akon/lil wayne i m so paid. I don't mind, sounds like my playlist :) but they might as well play some taylor swift right after to cover all the bases :P

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Granville Room

Before clubbing, me and a friend decided to have dinner at granville room. I have never seen this place but I knew it existed. it's soo camoflaged, just like sanafir! There was one woman standing outside who greeted us and led us inside. It reminded me a whole lot of Republic (which makes sense since it's the same company). It's very loungy. for an older crowd.. but still fun..

They had a pretty good cocktails list for around 7-9 bucks. We had a couple drinks and shared a yam fries and chicken wings. They were both really good.. but the chicken wings is Definitely not a date food! They didn't give us any utensils or water bowls so it got pretty messy with hands and they were slathered wtih bbq sauce. Thank god I really don't care wat my friend thought of me and pretty sure he's seen me worse before haha. but he told me I shouldn't ever eat that on a date LOL. note taken. The batter was a bit on the heavy side but I was so hungry and getting drunk, I didn't even care. Deep fried food is the best for drinking times.

We also shared a chocolate tart dessert, that came with strawberries and kiwis.. my two most hated fruits! but it's ok, he ate it :) the tart was very chocolatey with a yummy shortbread crust :)

All in all, this place was pretty good. The music was a bit loud and once again I was screaming to have a conversation.. but it's a bars/lounge area- what did I expect. My friend definitely liked the artwork around.. with the naked girl and all. The meal came out to be 59.. I think it was the drinks that made the bill costly.. cuz seriously, yam fries, wings, and dessert? come on now.

we went to cellar after where I was once again in a huge sausage fest. but it's ok, i m getting used to it, and I was too bored/drunk and being gangster to a milli that I didn't care what they thought of me ha. like i said before, they've probably seen me even worse (haha is this some sort of motif in my life?) and also, going with a group of guys is the best to dance and not get hit on by creepers- it's truee!

ps I also lost my upass. this sucks major ass . so my friend lent me his.. so now I am an boy asian with an afro. lovely. and also all these snow alerts.. can't even get off the damn mountain! :@

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Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've passed by Lolitas a gazillion times. Everytime I tried to go, there would be a huge lineup, it was closed, or I just finished eating elsewhere. One time after a delicious meal at stephos, we were wandering around and when we saw there was no lineup, we almost went in just for the hell of it for an appetizer.. just because it was so rare there was no crowd. haha. But we didn't, because we were way way way too full .

Today, my friend suggested trying to go to Lolitas and I thought it was a wonderful idea. To our surprise, we didn't have to wait at all and got a table very quickly. Their cocktail list is very fruity and delicious. I got the pina lolita and it was sooo good :) the Del Monte was too.

We ordered the guacamole and the quesadillas. It was good because for once, we can share with our vegetarian friend :) They came fairly quickly and the guacamole was sooo delicious. The chips were crispy and the guacamole was soo sooo sooo good. I couldn't stop eating them ! We even got a new order of more chips, but I stopped when my tongue began hurting :( I don't know why, when I eat various things, my tongue stings! like Lays chips, kiwi, papaya... ...

The Quesadillas was really really weird.. when it came, we thought we ordered the wrong dish. It was really small for 10 bucks as well, and I was not a fan.

We ordered dessert, the fritter (?) or doughnut with lemon cream and pineapple salsa. It was ok, tasted a little like carnie food, but the lemon cream was sooo light and fluffy. mmm.

All in all, it was a pretty good meal, the place is a bit small, when one person stands there, the whole ally is blocked. and also if you sit in a booth, it's really hard to get in. I mean, i don't think I am FAT, but at one point, I had difficulty getting back into my seat.. I think it was my stupid friend took out her huge ass bag across from me and pushed the table in though.. or else there's some serious running I gotta do when i go home. Nonetheless, I would probably come back :)

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Revel Room

on Halloween, we were all stumbling around in Gastown and passed by Revel Room.. It looked really cute and I made a mental note that I will one day come back here and I was really glad I did.

Inside, the lighting, decor, and everything was so pretty and cozy. I instantly fell in love with this place. We sat upstairs, overlooking the bar and the rest of the dining area underneath. The place wasn't super busy, but had pretty good flow of customers.

We ordered drinks to start.. and unfortunately, all 3 of them were terrible. But then 2nd rounds came and the gastown bubble (is that what it's called) is a delicious sparkling cocktail. Very yummy!

We ordered the mexican meatballs, duck spring rolls, potato jo jos, and caesar salad (for my veg friend). The meatballs were Not Good. They were wayy too tough and the blacked chipotle sauce was really gross. The Duck spring rolls were delicious. I liked eating them wrapped in the lettuce with other vegs inside. The potato jojos were good because they were like fries. and it's pretty hard to mess up fries.

We also ordered the pumpkin cheesecake. yum! I love pumpkin and I love cheesecake. Two things I love together? heaven.

It came out to 104 dollars.. holy crap! ok I don't know if the food was worth that much money. I really really enjoyed the overall environment so much that even though some dishes were gross, the ambience made up for it.

We then tried to find the Irish Heather but couldn't, so we settled for the Black Frog for some shots.. to celebrate the end of a great semester! My nerdy ways has finally paid of these last 4 months. huzzah. time to bring on the drinking and partying.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Kettle of Fish

Some loser decided to bribe me with a dinner to make him cupcakes so I said yes (:P). After accidentally crossing the bridge and ending up in kits, we managed to get to A Kettle of Fish. Walking in, there was a huge whiff of old people smell. Now I am not being mean or anything.. But you know that smell in your grandparents house that smells like antiques/medicine.. Well, it smelled like that.. And the place looked like antique roadshow. With a cage with fake chickens, old décors, grim colors (brown/red couches..ew), shit load of plants that I felt like I was eating in the forest and random ones like a poinsetta next to a cactus. Ya .. To put it delicately, I was not fond of the atmosphere/ambience.

The fried oysters were ordered and personally, they tasted really gross.. I am not a HUGE fan of oysters and inside was way too slimy for me. He liked it because anything deep fried will fulfill his fatty belly. The bread was pretty good- warm served with soft butter. Yum

I had the sablefish.. It was undercooked wayy too much. I understand that some restaurants like to serve it a little on the rare side but I am not a huge fan because I like my fish to flake. It wasn't bad though.

Then we had the Crème brulee and cheesecake. The cheesecake was pretty yummy but the crème brulee tasted burnt! It was really black already, and it had a bitter taste to it all. Gross. But thankfully, she deducted it off the bill, even though his hungry ass ate it all.

The food was o-k but honestly, the ambience scared me too much, maybe if I was 50, I might have enjoyed it. But sorry, I am still young and hip- i'll bust a move while listening to the cool kids (if you're ugly put your hands by your side, but if you're not then wave them in the sky :P) is my pastime.


That is all.

*edit i REALLY don't know why the font is all weird for every paragraph, not trying to be different, just sorta technologically challenged at times

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seoul House Royal Korean Restaurant

I spent the last week learning a semesters worth of excel statistics.. gross. but who am I kidding, I ended up playing word challenge on fb (I hate those stupid apps.. but this one was so addicting damnit). I had to resort to frozen pizzas, peas and carrots, or cereal for food. Today, I went to Seoul House Royal on W Broadway for lunch.. It was good to see the world after being a nerdy hermit on the foggy mountain, but I wish I went elsewhere.

The restaurant is huge, but extremely dead at lunchtime on a Saturday. There's no music, so it's very very silent inside. The food was the usual korean/japanese food.. nothing special or different. We ordered the chicken wings, beef short ribs hot pot, and stone bibambap.. It took a very very long time for the food to come, even the kim chee :(

The bibambap was ok, it wasn't very big, I still like seoul doogbaneki best. The hot pot was just a metal bowl full of soup and a couple pieces of beef short ribs. It looked and tasted mediocore. I thought it was a hot pot! The chicken wings were deep fried too long.. They weren't very good.

The food was a little expensive- 3 dishes= 41 dollars.. We also got a piece of melon/grape at the end.. btu the grape was soo mushy.. I had to spit it out.

The service was ok, sometimes a bit slow, and the ambience isn't very good. I think if they played some music it might have been better.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mars + Uva

Mars Japanese Bistro on Urbanspoon Everytime I pass old abbotsford, I always see the Mars Japanese Bistro sign. It looks way cute so I decided to try here one day. I've personally never been to this mall even though it takes up at least 5 blocks of space.. but there used to be a way sketched out super valu and across from it was a park that everyone warns not to walk in alone.. yup that's abby for you.

Anyways, this sushi place is next to Sprott Shaw.. we got there around 11:30 and it was dead empty. We ordered the honey chicken teriyaki, pork cutlets+egg rice, and 3 sushi rolls: hawaiian, pear, and mango. There was one called Prawn and shrimp roll.. um the last time I checked, they were relatively the same thing.. Apparently one of them was tempura and the other wasn't.. interesting.

Anyways the food came, the rolls were tiny!! I was expecting some pretty big special sushi rolls, but nope. They were run of the mill rolled up sushi with fruit inside. There wasn't enough rice on them and they fell apart pretty easily.. eh.

The two rice dishes were o-k... nothing special. At 12:00, they became super busy.. but nonetheless, it was still just one waitress, one sushi man, and one cook. The sun was also blinding my eyes from inside (Some type of glare). My parents had the problem in Hakkasan but I just thought they were I know what they mean.

School is over and to celebrate, me and my roomie decided to go downtown for wine and dessert. It was the ugliest day ever and the longest bus ride of my life.. but it was ok, I miss downtown. We went to Uva Wine Bar... it's smaller than I thought.. The seats are really low, when the service came over, she basically towered over us.. I didn't really make eye contact.. I had a glass of chardonnay that was quite refreshing. my friend at the woo woo geuwurtaminer (sp) that was too sweet.. I didn't know g.. were sweeter wines.. Anyways, we ordered the Chocolate nemesis river cafe without even bothering to ask her what it was. When it came, I wasn't too pleased because I don't like chocolate cake (weird I know) but upon having a taste, it was delicious. The texture was like chocolate, not cake. Excellent. The lemon foam thing on the other hand didn't really compliment it (in my opinion). It was weird.