Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Kettle of Fish

Some loser decided to bribe me with a dinner to make him cupcakes so I said yes (:P). After accidentally crossing the bridge and ending up in kits, we managed to get to A Kettle of Fish. Walking in, there was a huge whiff of old people smell. Now I am not being mean or anything.. But you know that smell in your grandparents house that smells like antiques/medicine.. Well, it smelled like that.. And the place looked like antique roadshow. With a cage with fake chickens, old décors, grim colors (brown/red couches..ew), shit load of plants that I felt like I was eating in the forest and random ones like a poinsetta next to a cactus. Ya .. To put it delicately, I was not fond of the atmosphere/ambience.

The fried oysters were ordered and personally, they tasted really gross.. I am not a HUGE fan of oysters and inside was way too slimy for me. He liked it because anything deep fried will fulfill his fatty belly. The bread was pretty good- warm served with soft butter. Yum

I had the sablefish.. It was undercooked wayy too much. I understand that some restaurants like to serve it a little on the rare side but I am not a huge fan because I like my fish to flake. It wasn't bad though.

Then we had the Crème brulee and cheesecake. The cheesecake was pretty yummy but the crème brulee tasted burnt! It was really black already, and it had a bitter taste to it all. Gross. But thankfully, she deducted it off the bill, even though his hungry ass ate it all.

The food was o-k but honestly, the ambience scared me too much, maybe if I was 50, I might have enjoyed it. But sorry, I am still young and hip- i'll bust a move while listening to the cool kids (if you're ugly put your hands by your side, but if you're not then wave them in the sky :P) is my pastime.


That is all.

*edit i REALLY don't know why the font is all weird for every paragraph, not trying to be different, just sorta technologically challenged at times

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