Saturday, December 20, 2008

Come Along Seafood Restaurant

I am back in Burnaby for a couple of days and so we went for a family lunch.. We were on Kingsway for some other stuff and passed by Come Along Seafood Restaurant. It used to have a different name but I forget what it was called

Inside is very very small and cramped. We waited at the front for quite some time before we got a table. The waiting area is so bad too, I was always in someones way. We finally sat down and we ordered from a sheet. We didn't order much.. like 5 dishes I think.. just normal stuff- bbq pork buns, siu mai, rice flour roll with chinese doughnut inside, chicken+rice wrapped in bamboo leaf, and gyozas. the only different thing was this spareribs and rice flour noodles in a pot.

The first thing that came was the chicken+rice and it was very good. it wasn't too dry or too soggy. Moist enough to bring out the taste.. It was either actaully good, or we were just too hungry to notice anything bad. The chinese doughnut one (Jia leung) was not good. At first, we didn't pour the soy sauce over it (none of us took the initiative I guess) so we could taste the actual taste and the rice flour noodle part tasted funny. It wasn't good. The bbq pork buns were either wayy too soft or my chopsticks skills are deteriorating. I couldn't pick any of them up without breakin them. oh no. (side note: when I was little I used to get hit if I couldn't hold chop sticks properly. I guess I am too old now, my parents just shake their heads at me.) The gyozas were too soggy and the filling inside came out too easily. Siu mai were ok, a little on the small side. and the spareribs/rice flour noodles was GROSS. When it came, it was in a pot of FATTY OIL. like, I guess that's what makes it delicious, but I was soo turned off by the bowl of oil. especially since I blot my pizzas and everything else that could produce lots of oil.. I ate one, and that was it. It wasn't even good.. or maybe it was because I kept tellin myself how oily everything was. Since my parents are trying to lose weight for my brother's wedding next year, I persuaded them to eat one and take the rest home and saute the spareribs with veggies or something.

I did not enjoy Come Along. .. so much that I didn't even order desserts. The whole meal cost 30 bucks... The service wasn't very good.. We had to wave them down for a couple minutes before we got their attention. They seriously go about their errands without making eye contact with any other tables.. wtf.

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