Monday, December 29, 2008

Winter Trip

My parents persuaded me to go on a tour thing with them and some relatives to Portland, Oregon. It was only for 3 days and they kept emphasizing the shopping part to me. Since I realized I really don't do anything with family anymore and I hadn't seen my relatives in god knows how long (probably over a year).. maybe I should do something family like for christmastime.. I personally hate tours but 3 days.. and shopping right?? I'll be ok..

I am not a big fan of outlets because I never find anything the first day we went to a shopping mall so I was happy =) we ate at Cheesecake Factory.. We waited over an hour for a seat.. I was really adamant in going here because the other options were TGIFridays, Red Robins, and food court. got sick of TGIFriday food, got sick of Red Robin the place and I did not want to eat food court for the entire trip!! :(

When we sat down, there was water and bread waiting already =) We all ordered food and got rave reviews for everything. renee's special had a very good soup + salad. The jambalaya pasta was good, blahblahblah.. but my crab cakes was soo gross. It wasn't even staying together and fell apart and soggy.. bleh. We ordered cheesecakes to go.. We ordered vanilla, kahlua, strawberry, and banana cream. I think I liked the banana cream best

Todai Sushi and Seafood Buffet on Urbanspoon The next day, we ate at Todai because it was included in the package. I saw this place one time in Seattle when I was super hungry. We passed by and saw people eating crab legs and sushi and almost walked in for a quick grab even though we had reservations for some steakhouse in 20 minutes. I am glad I didn't because there is soo much food here! Well, now that I think about it, obv it wasn't as big as LV buffets but the amount of sushi! I didn't eat lunch so I was starving.. My first plate, I just loaded it with a piece of every kind of sushi, sashimi, unagi sushi, and crab salad. Everything was soo good because I was starving, I scarfed down everything (except the love roll because it was a little spicy for me). I was on my second plate while everyone else was still on their first.. because they kept raving about the place while I just ate and ate. My second plate wasn't as good.. I went for the hot plates food, such as fish, shortribs, clams, mussels, etc. The shortribs were good but the various kinds of fish were really rubbery. There was also a station for udon and crepes. I didn't eat it.

At the end was a dessert aisle. I liked how everything was in small pieces because everything wasn't very good and I didn't feel as bad not eating anything after one bite. The cheesecakes were really bland, the key lime was too sweet, and the creme brulee wasn't very smooth..

My father wanted ice cream so I went to get him a cone but the ice cream was melted.. gross. The service was very very attentive and nice too! which is a surprise because I expected them to be super crabby and moody. I am not a fan of buffets but this one is a good one to go to... because of the sushi :)

We stayed at Marriott Courtyard with breakfast included. I remember when we stayed at courtyard in NYC, we had breakfast included which was pretty good.. until I found a huge hair in my scrambled eggs. Anyways, this breakfast wasn't very good. The scrambled eggs wasn't dry enough for me (i just like dry eggs though, so that's my own opinion), the sausages were soo salty, and the hash browns real dry. The pastry was sugar overload. So I only ate pineapples and toast.
Oh at the end, we stopped at Tullalup again for the outlets. I ate at famous wok again. Everything I come here, I eat here.. what the hell is wrong with me. But what were my choices? Great steaks?? Ranch Chicken?? (or smth like that)