Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mars + Uva

Mars Japanese Bistro on Urbanspoon Everytime I pass old abbotsford, I always see the Mars Japanese Bistro sign. It looks way cute so I decided to try here one day. I've personally never been to this mall even though it takes up at least 5 blocks of space.. but there used to be a way sketched out super valu and across from it was a park that everyone warns not to walk in alone.. yup that's abby for you.

Anyways, this sushi place is next to Sprott Shaw.. we got there around 11:30 and it was dead empty. We ordered the honey chicken teriyaki, pork cutlets+egg rice, and 3 sushi rolls: hawaiian, pear, and mango. There was one called Prawn and shrimp roll.. um the last time I checked, they were relatively the same thing.. Apparently one of them was tempura and the other wasn't.. interesting.

Anyways the food came, the rolls were tiny!! I was expecting some pretty big special sushi rolls, but nope. They were run of the mill rolled up sushi with fruit inside. There wasn't enough rice on them and they fell apart pretty easily.. eh.

The two rice dishes were o-k... nothing special. At 12:00, they became super busy.. but nonetheless, it was still just one waitress, one sushi man, and one cook. The sun was also blinding my eyes from inside (Some type of glare). My parents had the problem in Hakkasan but I just thought they were old..now I know what they mean.

School is over and to celebrate, me and my roomie decided to go downtown for wine and dessert. It was the ugliest day ever and the longest bus ride of my life.. but it was ok, I miss downtown. We went to Uva Wine Bar... it's smaller than I thought.. The seats are really low, when the service came over, she basically towered over us.. I didn't really make eye contact.. I had a glass of chardonnay that was quite refreshing. my friend at the woo woo geuwurtaminer (sp) that was too sweet.. I didn't know g.. were sweeter wines.. Anyways, we ordered the Chocolate nemesis river cafe without even bothering to ask her what it was. When it came, I wasn't too pleased because I don't like chocolate cake (weird I know) but upon having a taste, it was delicious. The texture was like chocolate, not cake. Excellent. The lemon foam thing on the other hand didn't really compliment it (in my opinion). It was weird.