Saturday, December 13, 2008

Granville Room

Before clubbing, me and a friend decided to have dinner at granville room. I have never seen this place but I knew it existed. it's soo camoflaged, just like sanafir! There was one woman standing outside who greeted us and led us inside. It reminded me a whole lot of Republic (which makes sense since it's the same company). It's very loungy. for an older crowd.. but still fun..

They had a pretty good cocktails list for around 7-9 bucks. We had a couple drinks and shared a yam fries and chicken wings. They were both really good.. but the chicken wings is Definitely not a date food! They didn't give us any utensils or water bowls so it got pretty messy with hands and they were slathered wtih bbq sauce. Thank god I really don't care wat my friend thought of me and pretty sure he's seen me worse before haha. but he told me I shouldn't ever eat that on a date LOL. note taken. The batter was a bit on the heavy side but I was so hungry and getting drunk, I didn't even care. Deep fried food is the best for drinking times.

We also shared a chocolate tart dessert, that came with strawberries and kiwis.. my two most hated fruits! but it's ok, he ate it :) the tart was very chocolatey with a yummy shortbread crust :)

All in all, this place was pretty good. The music was a bit loud and once again I was screaming to have a conversation.. but it's a bars/lounge area- what did I expect. My friend definitely liked the artwork around.. with the naked girl and all. The meal came out to be 59.. I think it was the drinks that made the bill costly.. cuz seriously, yam fries, wings, and dessert? come on now.

we went to cellar after where I was once again in a huge sausage fest. but it's ok, i m getting used to it, and I was too bored/drunk and being gangster to a milli that I didn't care what they thought of me ha. like i said before, they've probably seen me even worse (haha is this some sort of motif in my life?) and also, going with a group of guys is the best to dance and not get hit on by creepers- it's truee!

ps I also lost my upass. this sucks major ass . so my friend lent me his.. so now I am an boy asian with an afro. lovely. and also all these snow alerts.. can't even get off the damn mountain! :@

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