Sunday, December 14, 2008


We decided to go to Posh Sukiyaki restaurant today. I've seen this place many many times on Broadway but never been because I don't really see the appeal of having hot pots at restaurants. I have it all the time at my house.. what's the big deal? I get a hot pot of water and cook some raw foods. la dee da. Why do I have to pay for this.

However, the thing about Posh is that it is the First sukiyaki hot pot in North America? Ok, I guess I should try it. As opposed to the normal hot pots I have, the soup base is a bit different in sukiyaki hot pots and the beef is apparently different as well.. it uses soy sauce and mirin and sugar as opposed to just water.

Anyways, the lunch was all you can eat for 11.88 I think, pretty cheap! upon walking in, we were greeted nicely by the host and quickly got a table. The decor is very slick and sophisticated, the seats are very comfty.. the whole place is rather posh :p. Our waitor came and he explained everything to us and even ordered a sample run through for us to let us sample the most popular things that they have.

The only two meats offered were pork and beef. The rest were various vegetables like yams, rice cakes, taro, 4 diff tofu, bean sprouts, .etc.. Everything was pretty good. The beef were cut very thinly and there wasn't very much fat on it too :) The veggies were very good.. my fave were yams and taro.. They also gave us 3 eggs for dipping.. but I don't do that anymore so we used it to make poached eggs haha.

The only downside was that the soy sauce was on a bit of a sweeter side for me, but that was ok. and also, after the initial greet from our waitor, we never saw him ever again.

oh and also, the music was normal mandarin pop .. but then all of a sudden akon keep you much longer came on.. I was fine with it but it was just amusing how quickly the music changed (side note.. my father thinks akon is white and sounds like the beach boys.. when obv he's dark as night LOL). then mandarin pop again.. then The Killers forget about what I said came on. did some white people all of a sudden came into the restaurant? haha.. so random! then akon/lil wayne i m so paid. I don't mind, sounds like my playlist :) but they might as well play some taylor swift right after to cover all the bases :P

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