Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sagano Sushi

Sagano Sushi on Urbanspoon I think I have a new favorite sushi spot... and surprisingly it's in abby!

A new sushi place called Sagano Sushi just opened across from the mall so we decided to go. If I didn't know about it, I wouldn't even see it or realized it was there... There were barely any advertisement or eye catching signs anywhere. oi. Inside, was absolutely dead.. and no tables were filled during our time there! (6-7).

We ordered a couple rolls and a chirashi don and croquette.. They were having a promotion at the time, if you order 2 rolls, the 3rd one was for free :) We had a roll with yam tempura/unagi, salmon/avocado, and dessert (banana/avocado). The first two rolls were very very delicious.. and pretty! the dessert roll however was disgusting! banana on top was fine, but the banana tempura was soggy and gross as hell. The Avocado/cucumber inside did not even go with the banana. eww..

The Chirashi don had really fresh sashimi. The croquette was fried nicely.. I have absolutely no complaints.

Dinner cost 35 bucks. Wow! That is cheap! I definitely thought it would be more expensive but I guess with one free roll, our meal was very valuable. I wish they advertised their restaurant more. This is a hidden gem for sure. I loved everything we ordered and I will probably come back very soon to try more rolls and other dishes. If you're ever around Abby, definitely check this place out :)

edit* I have a few more sagano posts so search for it on my site and there will be more pictures and posts!!