Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seoul House Royal Korean Restaurant

I spent the last week learning a semesters worth of excel statistics.. gross. but who am I kidding, I ended up playing word challenge on fb (I hate those stupid apps.. but this one was so addicting damnit). I had to resort to frozen pizzas, peas and carrots, or cereal for food. Today, I went to Seoul House Royal on W Broadway for lunch.. It was good to see the world after being a nerdy hermit on the foggy mountain, but I wish I went elsewhere.

The restaurant is huge, but extremely dead at lunchtime on a Saturday. There's no music, so it's very very silent inside. The food was the usual korean/japanese food.. nothing special or different. We ordered the chicken wings, beef short ribs hot pot, and stone bibambap.. It took a very very long time for the food to come, even the kim chee :(

The bibambap was ok, it wasn't very big, I still like seoul doogbaneki best. The hot pot was just a metal bowl full of soup and a couple pieces of beef short ribs. It looked and tasted mediocore. I thought it was a hot pot! The chicken wings were deep fried too long.. They weren't very good.

The food was a little expensive- 3 dishes= 41 dollars.. We also got a piece of melon/grape at the end.. btu the grape was soo mushy.. I had to spit it out.

The service was ok, sometimes a bit slow, and the ambience isn't very good. I think if they played some music it might have been better.

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