Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've passed by Lolitas a gazillion times. Everytime I tried to go, there would be a huge lineup, it was closed, or I just finished eating elsewhere. One time after a delicious meal at stephos, we were wandering around and when we saw there was no lineup, we almost went in just for the hell of it for an appetizer.. just because it was so rare there was no crowd. haha. But we didn't, because we were way way way too full .

Today, my friend suggested trying to go to Lolitas and I thought it was a wonderful idea. To our surprise, we didn't have to wait at all and got a table very quickly. Their cocktail list is very fruity and delicious. I got the pina lolita and it was sooo good :) the Del Monte was too.

We ordered the guacamole and the quesadillas. It was good because for once, we can share with our vegetarian friend :) They came fairly quickly and the guacamole was sooo delicious. The chips were crispy and the guacamole was soo sooo sooo good. I couldn't stop eating them ! We even got a new order of more chips, but I stopped when my tongue began hurting :( I don't know why, when I eat various things, my tongue stings! like Lays chips, kiwi, papaya... ...

The Quesadillas was really really weird.. when it came, we thought we ordered the wrong dish. It was really small for 10 bucks as well, and I was not a fan.

We ordered dessert, the fritter (?) or doughnut with lemon cream and pineapple salsa. It was ok, tasted a little like carnie food, but the lemon cream was sooo light and fluffy. mmm.

All in all, it was a pretty good meal, the place is a bit small, when one person stands there, the whole ally is blocked. and also if you sit in a booth, it's really hard to get in. I mean, i don't think I am FAT, but at one point, I had difficulty getting back into my seat.. I think it was my stupid friend took out her huge ass bag across from me and pushed the table in though.. or else there's some serious running I gotta do when i go home. Nonetheless, I would probably come back :)

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