Monday, December 29, 2008

Curry King

Upon returning back from Portland, we all went to Curry King for a quick dinner before braving it back to the valley. It was a pain to find parking..since we didn't know you could park in capers for an hour underground.. argh. The walk to curry king afterwards was hell.. the sidewalk was soo icy.. I slipped about 60 times. I had the elderly telling ME to be careful. oi! At the end, I wasn't even walking, I was just sliding my way through.

Interior of curry king is pretty tacky with colorful everything and a tv playing boxing. We had nine people so we sat in the middle. While waiting for the food, we saw everyone eating crabs and lobster. the Lobster looked really good. It was cheese baked I think.. the meal was 22.95? man, I could have so eaten that one day.. but I had no appetite and opted for a roti canai instead for 4.95.

My roti was really greasy but it was adequate for the price and the curry was good too. It was mild enough for me to eat =). I think banana leaf had the best roti still.

Other things ordered were the chicken/beef brisket curries, fried rice, noodles (gong chao ngo ho), some veggie dish, and rice dish I think. I didn't eat anything else but some said the curry was good, others said not.. and I think everything was just adequate.

The menu is huge with various items to choose from. If only I was hungry..

I want to try this place again.. and try the lobster.. .. =)

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