Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twisted Fork Bistro

I went to Twisted Fork Bistro today because it is new and I heard many things about it. I was very intrigued.

I planned on coming back to metro van and partying/hanging out for a couple days. but then after I came out, I looked at the weather network and it said that it was gonna snow hella crazy for the next two days. I was in a complete loss of wat to do. With a dying computer (freaking had it for just a YEAR. stupid vaio), I didn't want to be bored, stuck at home on a sat night. My roomie told me to meet up with her after work downtown for dinner and then if snow gets real bad, we would stay over at her home in north van. mmmk..

When I went down, it wasn't snowing yet so I was grateful. We walked on over to Granville and almost got suckered into 3.95 bellinis at Wings but wings is so gross there was no way I would let this happen. The bistro is next to Space lounge HAHA. It's a place I kinda wanted to go for a bit but my friends that have been thinks it was hella gay and forbids me to go. damn

We went inside from the chilly coldness (ps How the FUCK are people going clubbing in heels and booty shorts in this weather?? I can't even walk straight in my boots. crazy bitches) and sat by the windows because I wanted to how bad the weather was going to get..

We ordered a bottle of wine and had two separate appies (crab cakes and ahi tuna salad). Everything was quite affordable.. Wine going as cheap as 30 bucks a bottle, appies around 6-9 bucks? Even the mains were around 24 bucks I think. Good prices make me happy haha :)

The crab cake at first was too spicy for me but then it got pretty yummy, the ahi tuna salad was apparently very good too. We also ordered a dessert, they were 7 bucks I think? Gosh I don't remember anymore, I had more than 3/4 of that bottle. We had the lavender creme brulee. Aside from cheese, it was the only non chocolate thing on the list.. and I am not a big fan of choc desserts. The creme brulee was surpringly yummy. After that disaster at Kettle, I was very content. The creme brulee was well portioned with cookies and biscotti. mmm

The service was really nice and talkative. I hope she doesn't read this but she was a little self involved. me and my friend both thought so.. because she kept telling us about herself while we just wanted to catch up privately. Don't get me wrong, she was super nice.. but this was one of the conversations: "how many classes are you taking next semester?" "5, 4 business" "oh but are they UD though (in a condescending way) " "yes all 400" "oh well, I am doing pt just 3 UD because I need to keep up my open scholarship" "me and my friend do not comment" "ya.. I am hoping to graduate after two more pt semesters" ..i think sometimes this is a bit tmi, please stop sharing your life with us. we talked about the snow and then how we were worried about getting up the mountain her: " Well there's the 135 or 144 you can take or even the N35 (like educating us for the first time how to take buses home)". um.. Obv we know this? we've lived there for about 3 years now? wtf? .

I also think my volume went up two notches for every glass of wine I had.. I am sorry. I am sure the restaurant did not feel like listening to my soap opera life. hah.

We left while the snow was falling like crazy. but since we felt warmth inside from the wine, we wanted to go dance. We contemplated about busting a move at plaza from free cover, but i was lugging my wonky laptop around in my new and beautiful laptop bag. and if anyone spilled alcohol on it I might punch them out, and I didn't feel like seeing a certain bouncer while I was drunk (ok i m tmi now)

we managed to get home, but then I accidentally sent out a mass text to everyone in my phone book. holy crap.. I am soo traumatized. then I deleted most of my contacts, and now I receive texts and I don't know who they are from. doh.

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