Monday, December 22, 2008

Hons/Me + Eds

Hons.. the one place both asians and white ppl go for good bbq meat, rice, wonton soup, etc. Some say it reminds them of HK, others just like it because it's cheap and fast, and I guess it's rather authentic.

I used to go when I was a child.. esp to the coquitlam one because it's close.. but then one time, I witnessed a man server yank a woman servers hair really hard because they were verbally fighting in front of all the customers. I was like. ten at that time. so it kinda scared me. Definitely something you do not want to see at a restaurant.

I had to go to coquitlam today so we stopped by Hons quickly before heading back.. we ordered a bbq pork+rice and wonton soup separately.. but then I looked at the menu and saw that together combo is only 7.49. Being asian cheapskate I am, obv I wanted this! so we tracked down our intial server by him walking to her, then another server came over so I told about it, but then there was confusion because both were told.. so we told a 3rd server and she fixed everything. haha phewf. Confusion just to save a few bucks.. but they were totally nice about it :) and I am glad we ordered the combo because I wasn't very hungry (the combos were smaller).

Everything was adequate . nothing to rave but nothing to be disgusted by. Definitely worth 7.49!!! so come here for a cheap eat!

Me and Eds is this new pizza joint in Abby. There's other locations in the lower mainland so I am guessing it is a semi successful franchise? We went today and it was quite empty when we got it.. there was a fly that kept flying around too.. soo annoying and gross. We ordered nachos and a small pizza. for nachos they cost 12.95 I think, and has no meat at all. We ordered it without onions/olive/jalapenos.. haha basicallyalmost everything! we also ordered a small pizza the Me & Ed's Combo with meats pepper and mushrooms I think.

The food came and the nachos was fricking gigantic. Omg it could have fed 6 people.. but nope, it was just 2 people.. oh god. There was nothing but tomatoes and cheese on it too.. We thought lettuce was included? anyways.. omg we were sooo full after, it was ok.. the chips were too hard for my liking. The pizza was pretty good.. very meaty with a thin crust.
but man! we were soooo full from the nachos we just had one slice each and took the rest home.

Two things- cost us 15 bucks each. and it was a small pizza.. I don't know if that's a good price. Doubtful I will be back.