Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Reef

Today we went for brunch at The Reef on Main. It is a carribean restaurant situated on Main St and Commercial Dr. Inside had a funky vibe that I liked.. but we sat by the heater, so my friend`s back was really really hot as she ate. Glad it wasn`t me. hahaah

It was brunch so I ordered the jerk pork benny and she had the ackee and salt fish. Mine was 11 and hers was 14 dollars and it was worth the money. The food came out rather fast and it looked like a great breakfast. My eggs were just a tad raw for my liking but it was still really good. The jerk pork had great taste and the potatoes were crispy. The citrus hollandaise was different from normal and I liked the watermelon they gave =) The ackee and salt fish was apparently very very good. She thought it was different but tasty and delicious. They also served it with bread that was in a ball. It tasted sweet, a little like chinese donut- yum.

Cute restaurant, I would love to try the one on commercial =)

I`ll post a new restaurant review one a day, so that I don`t bombard this website with 10 new posts. hah.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Kintaro Ramen + Qoola

So a couple months ago, my friend treated me to mortons so I decided to be nice and treat him to dinner tonight.. to kintaro ramen... HAHA. I am a broke student ok, give me a break.

Kintaro Ramen on Urbanspoon I've been to Kintaro once, but I can't really count it because it was during my insane restaurant hopping days and we went in hoping to share a bowl of ramen, but they had a 8.00 minimum, so we left. Inside is very small and we waited awhile for open seats. We ended up sitting right up front, which was good cuz I like watching people make food- but also bad because it was really hot. You see, I turn tomato bright red from heat and working out. I don't get the asian flush when I drink, but when I am near a heater- I look like I am drunk from how red I get.. oi.

There's a couple of choices and you can choose how fatty you want the meat and soup to be. Trying to be health conscious, I chose light and lean meats. My friend had the cheese ramen, which I am glad I didn't get. When he was making it, it looked so delicious because I love cheese. But it was too salty for me! Everyone should try it though, I find everything salty so it's probably fine and very delicious. I ended up getting the Shiro Ramen for around 7 dollars. It was ok, the meat was really lean and the egg was delicious. The soup base was light and not too salty. I finished quite a lot of it =)

Qoola on Urbanspoon Then we walked on over to qoola- this new yogurt place next to cookies and a new chocolate store. I got an invite from them a while back but I thought it was spam and deleted it. Inside is very bright and clean. The girl at the counter was really sweet and explained everything to us. Upon looking at the choices, my heart was set on the acai energy bowl, even though it was 7 dollars (a tad too much?) I've read about acai a long time ago from my health nut days and at the moment I am also doing a marketing research proj on an acai drink. I am very intrigued by this fruit so I was excited to try this dessert. My friend got the green tea yogurt with no toppings because he's cheap. haha jk =P in total, it cost 10 dollars.

His green tea yogurt was gross. It only had a hint of green tea taste and then there was a sweet sour taste to it as well. It was also hollow inside when he dug in...which was kinda weird? I think it would have been a lot better with at least ONE topping but asians are cheap- we don't like wasting almost a dollar more on things (side note- i bought bread with my mother..afterwards we noticed there was an in store coupon and she made me wait in line again to use the coupon- for 75 cents back... I TOLD her I would GIVE her 75 cents and she just lectured me on how much money 75 cents is. OI). My acai dessert looked kinda gross, but it was pretty good. The sweetness and chocolatey taste (maybe that's what acai tastes like I don't know) was nice, but it tasted like I was eating chocolate soup.. I was hoping it would have a better yogurt consistency.. Maybe it said that it would be liquidy and I overlooked it.. hell I was just excited to eat something with acai (a sigh-eee).

*edit-- Feb 7, 09: I went again today because the owners Jesse and Warrick wanted to tell me more about Qoola. When we got there, there were quite a lot of business and warrick was busy. We just got a quick smores d-light to share for around 7 dollars (uh I could have bought ramen with this price). This one is a yogurt with chocolate, cookie crumbs, and marshmallows. Once again, it was hollow inside. My friend wasn't a fan because she likes yogen fruz (? is that wat it's called? I don't know any of those hip yogurt/ice cream/juice places names) because she likes the sweetness, and not so much sour yogurt (she doesn't like probiotic yogurt either). I think it has a slight sour taste because it is not made of powered yogurt, but from the real stuff.. which is obviously much healthier and beneficial for the body. We quickly talked to Warrick before we headed off.. Since most blogs out there already give bg of qoola, I basically had two questions- 1. Why is it so expensive, and 2. why am I paying so much for a hole in my yogurt.

He explained that the price is from the fact that all yogurt sold is fresh and the real deal, not the powdery crap from other stores, hence why there is a greater cost to it. I think he said it is fresh daily.. but don't quote me, because I was really exhausted and don't remember too much of anything. Then he apologized for the hollowness due to lack of experience with using the machine I guess. With time, hopefully they will get the hang of it and every customer will get a nice cup of yogurt- with no holes.

Even though the meeting was brief, he was really keen on hearing my feedback and questions (which is obv an act of dedication for a business). I don't really like critizing people in real life because obv I am not a real food critic and I don't want to come off sounding like a snob but in actuality just picky, but those were my only sound complaints (price and hollow, the others are just personal preferences). My friend also thought the marshmallows were too dry (uh... ok. weirdo) so if you guys read this warrick/jesse.. there's another feedback.. haha..

I am really lazy and I should be doing something else instead of this so I'll just copy out what Jesse told me in an email about Qoola for people who wants to know their motto:

"Qoola's motto is "pure heart + pure body". We strive to have the purest intentions in the way that we approach our business while providing the best quality products for our customers. We have a three-tiered approach to our business - absolutely top-notch products with the highest quality so that we can provide our customers with a healthy alternative to the existing desserts out there, an aggressive environmental initiative that we've set upon ourselves to become a 100% green company and finally an effort to give back to the community in which we reside because we are fully aware that any success that comes our way is a result of the people that support us - thus, we should always strive to do the same for them."

Qoola is a great addition to Downtown Vancouver. I believe many many people will love this place. It is environmentally friendly and health conscious- two of the things yuppies/vancouverites care very much about. So instead of going for gelato or marble slab, try this new yogurt joint instead =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Burgers etc + Valley Bakery

Burgers Etc. BBQ House on Urbanspoon I think I just had the best burger today. wow, was it every yummy. Since it's wednesday, it's time for my weekly suburb dineout and we decided to go to Burgers etc. Apparently it's voted as the best burger joint by CTV viewers. I have *never* seen this place in my life! I think it's because everytime I pass by, I am entranced into looking at Sfinaki closeby or that gym or Valley Bakery.. or Turkish Donair or Heavenly Bites. Burgers etc need a bigger sign. but I am so glad I found it.

Inside, there's no one (I don't blame them since I was eating at 2-3 on hump day) and it was a very clean place for a small burger/bbq place. We sat by the window and ordered two things to share.. a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and a potato salad side, and a BBQ rib+beef brisket meal with fries and coleslaw. Ok I know, best burger- why the hell am I not ordering a burger? I don't know, I am not a fan of burgers.. they don't appeal to me, unless it was different.. but ..

I would like to think of this pulled pork sandwich as a burger since they used hamburger buns. (I see sandwiches as using bread :p). It was a pain to eat (one of the reasons why I dont like burgers) but wow was it ever delicious!! I don't think I ever really say anything is beyond good (I think the last thing I said that was was the gyro from Sfinaki nearby.. damn that was soo good too). The pulled pork were moist and slathered in the bbq sauce. It was really saucy, tasty, juicy, delicious, everything. The coleslaw really balanced it out to give it some crispiness. and also- I never describe any of my meals into this such detail- so it WAS really THAT good!!

The ribs were pretty good too- they weren't super dry so I could use my fork and knife to cut the meat off and eat it. They had a very good taste. However, we didn't like the beef brisket.. eck. and oh the sides weren't very good.. the fries were normal, but the coleslaw and potato salad we could have done without.

They had a couple of customers, and at the end it cost us about 28 dollars. mmm I really want to eat that pulled pork sandwich again. Even though I don't like hamburgers, this is one I m willing to eat again!!!

Then we walked across the street because I am really intrigued by this turkish donair shop. but we were sooo full I couldn't muster up eating here.. but we did get a petit four and a hazelnut chocolate torte thing from Valley Bakery next door. The pastries here are super cheap! I mean, the things we got were a little over a dollar.. and the pies were only 5 dollars ish each! The petit four was really gross- too sugary, but the hazelnut torte was good- the moussey chocolatey center was soft and light and yummy.
(I am in my gray nail polish phase haha)
So, today's meal cost less than 20 dollars each. and it was dang good- ya!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yokohoma + GoGo

Yokohama Japanese on Urbanspoon Sunday Night, me, my family, and relatives went to Yokohoma for the dineout slash new years eve dinna. I think I've been here many many years ago, before it was teppanyaki. It wasn't very good... however I did not have any say in this chosen dineout.. my relatives believed it was a good deal for 28 dollars since there was kobe beef and sushi and lobster. so whatever, new years is about spending it with family right?

Inside is very small. They have 4 teppanyaki stations in the middle. When we sat down, they gave us one menu, another promotional ad of their other meals, and a huge ass photo album of visitors that have been to Yokohoma? I don't know, I never opened it. They also had pics of gordon campbell with the servers on the wall behind us. I guess he came one time to eat.. then across the room, you can tell it was another pic of them with gordon campbell LOL .. I guess they were hoping one side of guests will not venture to the other side

The seating was pretty uncomfortable and cramped. There was nowhere to put our jackets/bags and it was hard for people to walk behind me and I was already really cramped as was.
We ordered one of everything.

The appetizers came.. and they were 4 cali roll, 2 sushi, or tempura. TWO sushi??? what a horrible appy!!! Thank god we were sharing, or else I felt bad for my father.. getting two tiny sushi.

Then the teppanyaki man came and started talking to us. I guess he was pretty friendly, but his attitude kinda pissed me off. It was a little cocky/boisterous but maybe that's just his personality. He cooked the other part of the appy which was a shrimp teppanyaki.. which was basically one shrimp. One salty tiny disgusting shrimp.

Then he made the veggies which was ok, I was dying during this time because the scraping really really hurt my ears.. I thought I was goin to start crying (and I am a robot..but the noise got real bad). Then he made the entrees, everything was super small portions. I didn't take any pics because it looked disgusting. The lobster was neutral, the kobe beef didn't melt in my mouth as really good kobe beef should, the other steak was tasteless, but the salmon was pretty good.

He also made rice (disgusting, no taste) and bean sprouts that were sour? I think he used lemon juice.. it wasn't good either. None of us were full, none of us were happy. The dessert definitely did not help, she brought the wrong desserts even after I told her we were missing a dessert. The cheesecake was tiny as hell. UGHh. when we were leaving my father said the waitress was shoving a business card into his hands.. uh.. no we are not coming back ever.

We were not full so we went to Gogo tea cafe. Inside is very spacious.. it was very very empty with one waitress. The menu was half full of drinks .. I am not a drinks type of person (esp in richmond.. long car ride home.. I'd prolly have to pee!) but I got one nonetheless.. I got the passion fruit/mango ice cream drink.. it was good but I could only drink a quarter of it. it was huge! Me and my cousin shared the chocolate fondue. and others got tofu pudding and noodles.

The chocolate fondue for 8.99 was normal.. reminded me of capstone since they served it with fruits, gummies, marshmallows, cream puffs, etc. The tofu puddings were a little sweet for my liking. It was sesame tofu pudding or 2 of the following-- red bean, peanut butter, taro, or something else I forget. The noodles were apparently ok.

Everything was really cheap and on this big white screen, they were playing the chinese music awards.. so if you are a fob/honger, you'd like it. or me, I was really really bored.

that's it, gong hay fat choyy.. sun tai geen hong, hot yip jeung bo, sum seung see sing.. that's all I know.. hahaa

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Caffe Barney + Fleuri

Caffe Barney on Urbanspoon Decided to go with the flow the night before and ended up venturing down main st. It was a fun time because I've never walked on the st before (only driven), but it was sooo cold . A lot of restaurants were really busy so we opted for a half full caffe barney.

The menu is simple and cheap. Mostly burgers, salads, appies.. interesting things were the butter chicken and osso buco. I ordered the chicken wrap and my friend orders the veggie burger. They were both around 9-10 dollars.. so that wasn't too bad.

The chicken wrap was really good, I only ate half and took the rest to go. There was a lot of avo and everything went really well together mmm. The veggie burger was good too . I didn't really like the fries but my friend loved it- because they were really salty.

The place has cheap eats, I wouldn't mind coming back again I guess.

Then we went to Fleuri in Sutton Place Hotel for desserts. They were having a chocolate buffet for 26 dollars but we didn't feel like it. So many people were dressed up, I felt like a scrub. oops. The place is very nice and has a warm, formal ambience to it. The service was good, cept she was really really quiet.. I guess to fit with the whole environment. We ordered a chocolate sampler- that was 11 dollars. gah. For some reason, the water was really really good and I had a lot. but it's just normal water..??

the dessert, even though it was chocolate (not a huge fan of choc desserts) was really really good! I think since we shared it, it wasn't too rich or too much. If I ate the whole thing, I don't think I could. The chocolate cake thing had a more chocolate texture, so it was good. The "shooter" was mousse+jello and that was sooo delicious. The white chocolate was different- good diff. The thing on top wasn't chocolate, but wasn't ice cream. It was in between. It reminded me of that so called ice cream I tried to make back in gr 10 cooking class- Where I took whipped cream in a zip lock bag and then I froze it or smth, but it never got the density of ice cream, it was just a little colder, harder whipped cream. it was like that, but 1000x better?

We checked out the buffet. Although small, they have some good selections like some cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, fondue, croissant pudding thing, and a crepe station. Maybe i'll try it one day .

I wasn't trying to be artistic and shiz with my caffe barney pics (if you see the veggie burger as well), it was because the lighting was really bad and I hate flashing unless i HAVE to..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Soho Bar and Grill

After taking the wrong turn and ending up on Lougheed highway, we began looking for a closeby spot to eat. We opted for Soho Bar and Grill on Bainbridge. I've been to the soho on Denman (formerly pacific crab company :( I loved that place the bartender was so nice.. we went visiting him and to our surprise it became stupid soho but he was around for a week so he gave us some free drinks (: )
We went inside and there was one other table. The hostess doesn't greet us, instead it's someone else, I don't know who, who was here to see the manager or something that tells us to grab a spot anywhere. We sit down and 5 min after, we get the menu. We ordered an order of nachos for 8.75 and wings.

The place is pretty big, they have lots of tvs and couches.. usual bar places. The food comes and it was okay. The wings were pretty good- we had the sweet chili salt and pepper I think.. and it wasn't too spicy or too salty. it was good. The nachos were good cept the salsa was kinda disgusting

Normal, adequate, okay food for a bar. at least I didn't get sick from the wings like I did from the shadow. blah

oh we also went to Rocky mountain chocolate factory in lougheed and got this tiger butter chocolate cup for 4.25. It looks like a peanut butter cup but a little bigger and crazy inflated price! Tiger butter is just chocolate with peanut butter. The thing was really really hard.. I
was expecting a peanut butter cup =(

*not eating out til sunday.. too much workkk

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trafalgar's Bistro

Tonight I ate at 8:30 which is very very very rare for me. I sit now, after midnight, still digesting this food. ugh. haha. holy hell this place is sooo outta the way for me! Making it all the better that there was no transit involved :) (+1 yuppies don't transit, they drive hybrids.. wait -1 my parents drive a hybrid damnit)

we got there and got seated at a cramp little table in the middle...very near the group next to us.. and once again.. evesdropping by accident.. gah. (+1 yuppies are too self absorbed in their own lives to listen to others) The bistro is very very small.. they have a patio that I would think would be quite enjoyable for a sunny day.

No wine was ordered (+1 yuppies and their wine.. nuff said) I ordered the mussels/duck/lemon dacquoise and friend ordered scallops/halibut/flan. The bread arrives and it was probably the worst bread I've ever had. It was cold, hard, and stale. I took one bite and couldn't eat anymore. it was soo gross! We should not have gotten a bread basket.

The appys came and my mussels and very big and juicy (that's what she said... +1 yuppies believe they are too superior to say things like that haha). They were flavorful and I quite liked this dish. The scallops were very good too apparently, however the mashed potatoes was apparently a little salty and asparagus buttery.

The mains were eh. Apparently the halibut was cooked perfectly and was delicious. My duck was on the too rare side for me. I think most of time was used trying to cut it up over actually eating it. The vegetables that came with it was drenched in butter! ughhhH!! sooo grosss. I know it was sage butter infused or watever, but it tasted like I was putting tablespoons of liquid butter into my mouth. yuck

The desserts.. wow. The flan.. first bite- I just cringed from the unexpected sourness. Then the lemon dahhhquooyy.. (-1 yuppies like to talk like they know how to pronounce things) talk about sugar overload. Every bite was sugar. But then when I eat them together (half bit of each in my mouth at once), the sweet/sourness balance it out to neutralness. hah..They are made in the next door pastry shop Sweet Obsessions, which I ventured over towards after and it was a very cute shop with very nice cakes.. which I didn't buy because I didn't feel like adding to the millions of calories I had already digested from the butter everything (+1 yuppies like to workout.. I stopped that after i fell off the elliptical..oi)

Aside from the mussels, I don't think I liked this restaurant.. The whole meal and everything cost 35 bucks .. aiyaaa (+1 I don't have some random complex title job downtown)

so there, I am not a yuppie nor am I a yuppie in training ..nor am I resisting so hard to be yuppie that I actually am a yuppie. fuck that.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Vogue Chinese on Urbanspoon Today my family went to Vogue. It used to be called something else, but then there was an owner change and now it's called "fai zhi" or chopsticks. The place is definitely more sophisticated and classier looking than your usual chinese restaurants. The seats are super comfortable. Once I sat down, I basically just sunk into my chair . ahhh..

They have these combos for about 9.00, you can get a mini seafood hot pot plus one dish or for about 7, you can get one dish + some sides and soup. We just got one of each. The dishes being crispy chicken and crispy pork.

The food actaully took a little while to come out.. but it was ok. It looked really cute when they served it.. The crispy chicken was very good. It wasn't very salty and it wasn't extremely spicy either. The taste was very good. however the crispy pork was gross.

Everything was nicely portioned for one person. I think this would be a good meal for a sole diner :)

Then we headed next door to try ellie, tropical cuisine place.. We ordered the roti canai, chicken satays, and crab claw things. The restaurant is very small and as time went by, customers and customers began pouring in so much I don't know if they had enough seats for everyone!

I love the fact that they use such colorful plats and bowls.. so pretty :) The roti canai was ok. It tasted a little doughy to me? i don't know, i still love banana leaf best.. the deep fried crab claws were really good! they were deep fried very nicely.. not oily or falling apart or too battery.
However, the chicken satays were off. When I ate mine, it tasted funny already but I ate it because I thought it was the sauce. However, my father said there was something wrong with the chicken.. so we sent it back. frick I already ate one whole skewers. it's ok , when I was little my mother coerced me into drinking a cup of sour milk even though I told her there was something wrong. and then after I came home from school, she was so scared I puked or something when she finally realized there was something wrong. There's something about asian children that asian adults don't ever trust. blah

So they remade the chicken satays and I was too afraid to try it.. my parents said some were off, some pieces were ok. ugh.



I went to Delilah's today with another friend. This place is famous for their martinis. I always wanted to come here for just a martini or share an entree, but never had the balls to because this place looked way too fancy to be cheap. So obv dov was an opportune time to try this place out.

Inside, it was way fancier than I imagined... so fancy I wish my friend was of the male species. hahaha.. anyways, it was dimly lit room with candles that they light when you sit down. oi.

I didn't want to drink so I coerced her to get a martini. They are 8.75 and hers wasn't that bad. We got complimentary bread with a very good butter.. I forget wat type of butter. for the dov here, they wanted us to tick off the thing we wanted ourselves.. which made me feel like i was eating ayce sushi. I ordered the butternut squash, chicken, and apple crumble. she the carpaccio, tuna, and chocolate soup.

When the appy came out, the carpaccio looked so disgusting even I couldn't take a picture of it.. and I am the type to take pictures of bread baskets (some are nice! like raincity). I was confused when mine arrived because I only read up to cinnamon butternut squash and I was sold. It was actually some terrine wrapped in tofu.. and I eat it on a baquette with some spread. it was ehh. my friend said the carpaccio was very good. It looked like melted cheese to me. Funny because the table next to me had no idea wth the terrine was either when it appeared. I think everyone just reads butternut squash and that's it.

The Mains.. mine was o-k.. the pasta was a little bland but the chicken was fine.. until I moved onto the second piece and realized, even in dim light, that there was pink to it... but I wasn't really sure and ended up dissecting the rest of my chicken. My friend said there were definitely pink going on. ugh. she also said the tuna was just ok.

The dessert: mine was actually not that bad, although it was rather small. the chocolate soup was more like a fondue thing. I was actually expecting like chocolate SOUP with little crouton bits floating around haha. it was really rich apparently.

The place is very romantic, although sometimes the table next to us was so loud and we were 80% evesdropping on them by accident (parkside is amazing? It'll def have to be my next to go place)

ps I just realized how ugly my last couple pic posts have been. I just got my laptop back and I was using my pc with very dim lighting. So, when I tried to fix it, I might have dabbled the brightness to too extreme. ugh. I'm trying to fix.. but sometimes when I try to fix, I make it worse lol..

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Friday, January 16, 2009


Having a vegetarian best friend is one of the hardest thing when going out to eat. You can't really share ever (unless dessert/fries) and you definitely have to go somewhere where there's actually veg options or else they are stuck with a crappy caesar salad. so imagine my happiness when we were both lookin at the dineout and both fell in love with the menu from Cru. I know I went on a rant about how dineout sucks, but I've always wanted to try Cru and their prix fixe menus are too exp for me. Since we waited til like a day before to look for a place to eat, imagine our luck to find a table for cru online on a friday night.. especially since literally 2 minutes before, I called them and have them tell me they were fully booked.

Walking into Cru, I did not expect any of what I saw. Call me delusional, but for some unknown reason, I thought I had to walk upstairs to a spacious dark romantic restaurant. but there's no upstairs, and it's not big. It's rather small and cramped. Luckily, we were there really early (I like eating early once again) so no personal space evaded by others :)

I still cannot drink wine without wanting to puke (this is what happens when I abuse the use of wine by using it as a predrink) so i opted out of wine. I ordered the sweet potato soup, duck confit, and the dessert. My friend had the salad, risotto.

The bread came and it was piping hot and soft. so yummy!
Even though my friend warned me about sweet potato soup. I thought I love sweet potatoes and I love soup, so why not sweet potato soup? Besides, my mother makes this sweet potato chinese dessert soup and it's delicious. Well.. this soup was different. It was ok at the beginning, but then it got really heavy at the end, and I couldn't finish it all.

As for the duck confit I didn't really like the hash, but the duck was ok. It definitely owned up to the dish name-- crispy duck confit.. because it was so crispy it scraped the back of my throat and i started coughing like a crazy woman. but that was ok =) My friend has been hyping up this risotto for the last couple days so she was pretty excited to eat it. but she thinks she overhyped it hahaha. The dessert, my friend loved it. It was really rich. The service was good. He was really nice.

I think I'd like to come back one day, when it's not Dineout. As my friend said, it was ok.. but it could have been better.

Afterwards we went to r.t.l for a afterdinner drink. I really like the concept of this place. Basically, they are called regional tasting lounge and every 3 months, they feature dishes of 2 regions and bc. At the moment I think it's spain and east asian regions I think.. Next month is France.. and .Portugal..? ( i forget). you can check out their site here

The door here is automatic. I don't like it, because when a random person walks past, it just automatically opens. ehh.. We just had bellinis and honestly, I really don't think I can drink anything still without feeling sick. I had only half and I couldn't take anymore and it turned out mine was 12 bucks. ugh. I m becoming asian with my alcohol tolerance..

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taisho Japanese Restaurant

Do you know how bloody hard it is to find a working photo booth? Actually it's not that bad but I went to two separate ones at different locations and they were both broken, so I had to venture all the way to metrotown to find a working one. This old lady was two steps in front of me and got there before me, and took 15 min.. lookin at the sign, fixing her hair/face, rummaging for coins.. and at the end, didn't take a pic (I am not exaggerating the 15 min either it was probably longer). Then I wasted 8 bucks on this stupid thing because I am too short and sitting down actaully cut off my neck. So I had to squat basically.. for like 5 seconds before they took each pic so I was shaking and smile was totally forced
Beauty. my student id is gonna be gorgeous. (for denmarkk :D)

Taisho Japanese on Urbanspoon we decided to eat in metro since we didn't have a lot of time before my class. I decided on Taisho because I didn't know where else. I've been there once before a long long time ago. All I remember was that it was too expensive and the food wasn't very good.
The restaurant is totally dead (2pm though). We ordered two sushi rolls and a unagi/chicken terriyaki don. The servers all just stand around and talk.. usual asian waitresses.

The sushi rolls were sooo small.. about 4 pieces for 5.95. They were pretty good though. We had the crunch and munch which was unagi+avo. The Imperial which was shark fins and salmon. The rice box had too much sauce.. it became a little too heavy at the end. The servers dissappeared at the end.. They honestly did Nothing. I had to call for them to get me my bill. No form of interaction. I didn't even get a hi how are you when I sat down ok. which leads me to my last point

The tip here is included. and it's 15 percent. WHY? You didn't do ANYTHING. You just brought me food! You didn't ever once check up on me nor did you even give me a smile. Why do you deserve 15 percent tip??

Ok, I kinda understand because sometimes people don't tip at ayce places. I remember this one family (white) would always come in and eat and NEVER tip, like wtf. until one day our manager lady yelled at them and why they never tip us, and then they said they would next time. wtf. And I remember they used to praise our food all the freakin time.. bastards.
but expect us to tip you 15%? no. make it 10 and that's better. also, if you use a debit card- machine and they don't tell you tip is included, it asks you if you want to tip again. So if you didn't know and tipped them 10 percent, you would have actaully tipped them 25!!

We then went towards T&T and next door is this dessert place, and we had a mango crepe. I don't think anyone EVER orders a crepe, because when I ordered, she was like "uh..wat? " and I had to repeat my order, they had to look at some sheet to see how much they are, and then when the girl was making it, two other workers were crowding over her watching her make it. And then when I got it, it just fell apart. What a mess that was to eat. oi.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Au Petit Cafe

siu siu ga feh oak :).. I've always wanted to come here after reading all those rave reviews about this place. The parking really sucks as the streets are always full of cars but we ended up parking behind the restaurant.. There's very little room and we weren't sure if we were allowed but one of the workers said it was fine. We walked through the tiny kitchen into the tiny restaurant. They had quite a fair bit of workers for such a small restaurant! Everything seemed relatively clean as well.. but I guess the kitchen was so small they had to resort to cutting up their vegetables outside!

We quickly got a seat and ordered the special banh mi, meat balls+ rare beef pho, lemongrass chicken, and beef brisket curry with bread to dip. Everything came really fast and everything was really small. The banh mi was kinda cold.. it was not spicy at all.. For someone who has almost no tolerance for spicy foods, I didn't even taste a hint of spiciness.. did they forget the hot peppers?? the pho and lemongrass chicken were standard vietnamese food. The curry was sweet.. a little too sweet for us.. I think I still like phnom penh curry best =) The bread was really crunchy and delicious. We were in and out pretty quick since there was a lineup beginning to form and I didn't want to dwadle. Everything came to 26 dollars, so it's pretty cheap. The service was standard. They were pretty smiley, so that was a good thing.

It's pretty far for me to get here, but I am glad I've tried.. I don't think I'll be back for awhile.

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