Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taisho Japanese Restaurant

Do you know how bloody hard it is to find a working photo booth? Actually it's not that bad but I went to two separate ones at different locations and they were both broken, so I had to venture all the way to metrotown to find a working one. This old lady was two steps in front of me and got there before me, and took 15 min.. lookin at the sign, fixing her hair/face, rummaging for coins.. and at the end, didn't take a pic (I am not exaggerating the 15 min either it was probably longer). Then I wasted 8 bucks on this stupid thing because I am too short and sitting down actaully cut off my neck. So I had to squat basically.. for like 5 seconds before they took each pic so I was shaking and smile was totally forced
Beauty. my student id is gonna be gorgeous. (for denmarkk :D)

Taisho Japanese on Urbanspoon we decided to eat in metro since we didn't have a lot of time before my class. I decided on Taisho because I didn't know where else. I've been there once before a long long time ago. All I remember was that it was too expensive and the food wasn't very good.
The restaurant is totally dead (2pm though). We ordered two sushi rolls and a unagi/chicken terriyaki don. The servers all just stand around and talk.. usual asian waitresses.

The sushi rolls were sooo small.. about 4 pieces for 5.95. They were pretty good though. We had the crunch and munch which was unagi+avo. The Imperial which was shark fins and salmon. The rice box had too much sauce.. it became a little too heavy at the end. The servers dissappeared at the end.. They honestly did Nothing. I had to call for them to get me my bill. No form of interaction. I didn't even get a hi how are you when I sat down ok. which leads me to my last point

The tip here is included. and it's 15 percent. WHY? You didn't do ANYTHING. You just brought me food! You didn't ever once check up on me nor did you even give me a smile. Why do you deserve 15 percent tip??

Ok, I kinda understand because sometimes people don't tip at ayce places. I remember this one family (white) would always come in and eat and NEVER tip, like wtf. until one day our manager lady yelled at them and why they never tip us, and then they said they would next time. wtf. And I remember they used to praise our food all the freakin time.. bastards.
but expect us to tip you 15%? no. make it 10 and that's better. also, if you use a debit card- machine and they don't tell you tip is included, it asks you if you want to tip again. So if you didn't know and tipped them 10 percent, you would have actaully tipped them 25!!

We then went towards T&T and next door is this dessert place, and we had a mango crepe. I don't think anyone EVER orders a crepe, because when I ordered, she was like "uh..wat? " and I had to repeat my order, they had to look at some sheet to see how much they are, and then when the girl was making it, two other workers were crowding over her watching her make it. And then when I got it, it just fell apart. What a mess that was to eat. oi.