Sunday, January 18, 2009


I went to Delilah's today with another friend. This place is famous for their martinis. I always wanted to come here for just a martini or share an entree, but never had the balls to because this place looked way too fancy to be cheap. So obv dov was an opportune time to try this place out.

Inside, it was way fancier than I imagined... so fancy I wish my friend was of the male species. hahaha.. anyways, it was dimly lit room with candles that they light when you sit down. oi.

I didn't want to drink so I coerced her to get a martini. They are 8.75 and hers wasn't that bad. We got complimentary bread with a very good butter.. I forget wat type of butter. for the dov here, they wanted us to tick off the thing we wanted ourselves.. which made me feel like i was eating ayce sushi. I ordered the butternut squash, chicken, and apple crumble. she the carpaccio, tuna, and chocolate soup.

When the appy came out, the carpaccio looked so disgusting even I couldn't take a picture of it.. and I am the type to take pictures of bread baskets (some are nice! like raincity). I was confused when mine arrived because I only read up to cinnamon butternut squash and I was sold. It was actually some terrine wrapped in tofu.. and I eat it on a baquette with some spread. it was ehh. my friend said the carpaccio was very good. It looked like melted cheese to me. Funny because the table next to me had no idea wth the terrine was either when it appeared. I think everyone just reads butternut squash and that's it.

The Mains.. mine was o-k.. the pasta was a little bland but the chicken was fine.. until I moved onto the second piece and realized, even in dim light, that there was pink to it... but I wasn't really sure and ended up dissecting the rest of my chicken. My friend said there were definitely pink going on. ugh. she also said the tuna was just ok.

The dessert: mine was actually not that bad, although it was rather small. the chocolate soup was more like a fondue thing. I was actually expecting like chocolate SOUP with little crouton bits floating around haha. it was really rich apparently.

The place is very romantic, although sometimes the table next to us was so loud and we were 80% evesdropping on them by accident (parkside is amazing? It'll def have to be my next to go place)

ps I just realized how ugly my last couple pic posts have been. I just got my laptop back and I was using my pc with very dim lighting. So, when I tried to fix it, I might have dabbled the brightness to too extreme. ugh. I'm trying to fix.. but sometimes when I try to fix, I make it worse lol..

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