Friday, January 16, 2009


Having a vegetarian best friend is one of the hardest thing when going out to eat. You can't really share ever (unless dessert/fries) and you definitely have to go somewhere where there's actually veg options or else they are stuck with a crappy caesar salad. so imagine my happiness when we were both lookin at the dineout and both fell in love with the menu from Cru. I know I went on a rant about how dineout sucks, but I've always wanted to try Cru and their prix fixe menus are too exp for me. Since we waited til like a day before to look for a place to eat, imagine our luck to find a table for cru online on a friday night.. especially since literally 2 minutes before, I called them and have them tell me they were fully booked.

Walking into Cru, I did not expect any of what I saw. Call me delusional, but for some unknown reason, I thought I had to walk upstairs to a spacious dark romantic restaurant. but there's no upstairs, and it's not big. It's rather small and cramped. Luckily, we were there really early (I like eating early once again) so no personal space evaded by others :)

I still cannot drink wine without wanting to puke (this is what happens when I abuse the use of wine by using it as a predrink) so i opted out of wine. I ordered the sweet potato soup, duck confit, and the dessert. My friend had the salad, risotto.

The bread came and it was piping hot and soft. so yummy!
Even though my friend warned me about sweet potato soup. I thought I love sweet potatoes and I love soup, so why not sweet potato soup? Besides, my mother makes this sweet potato chinese dessert soup and it's delicious. Well.. this soup was different. It was ok at the beginning, but then it got really heavy at the end, and I couldn't finish it all.

As for the duck confit I didn't really like the hash, but the duck was ok. It definitely owned up to the dish name-- crispy duck confit.. because it was so crispy it scraped the back of my throat and i started coughing like a crazy woman. but that was ok =) My friend has been hyping up this risotto for the last couple days so she was pretty excited to eat it. but she thinks she overhyped it hahaha. The dessert, my friend loved it. It was really rich. The service was good. He was really nice.

I think I'd like to come back one day, when it's not Dineout. As my friend said, it was ok.. but it could have been better.

Afterwards we went to r.t.l for a afterdinner drink. I really like the concept of this place. Basically, they are called regional tasting lounge and every 3 months, they feature dishes of 2 regions and bc. At the moment I think it's spain and east asian regions I think.. Next month is France.. and .Portugal..? ( i forget). you can check out their site here

The door here is automatic. I don't like it, because when a random person walks past, it just automatically opens. ehh.. We just had bellinis and honestly, I really don't think I can drink anything still without feeling sick. I had only half and I couldn't take anymore and it turned out mine was 12 bucks. ugh. I m becoming asian with my alcohol tolerance..

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