Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Curry King (Kingsway)

After seeing that delicious lobster meal at the Curry King on Cambie, I was aching to go and try it. Since I don't like going to a restaurant twice around the same time, I decided to try their original restaurant on Kingsway.

The decor inside was similar to the Cambie one.. with the same table cloths etc. We ordered the lobster/steak, beef brisket curry, and laksa. The service was typical asian waitresses but they were so bloody freaking loud. They kept having loud conversations with the cooks in the kitchen. hollyy crap. And then at one point, the two waitresses were discussing about spiders, cockroaches, and another "crawling biting" insect really loudly. WTF?

The laksa was o-k.. not very good.. the beef brisket curry was fine for 8.95. But after having the phnom penh curry, it doesn't compare haha. The steak/lobster comes and it looked better that day at Cambie than it tasted :(. It was a big mush mess!! sooo gross. and the steak was about 80-90% rare. Too rare for me. euck. I know that this is a dirty cha chang teng (my friends words, not mine :P), what did I expect.. Gotham Steak and lobster? but stillllll.... it looked soo good that last time..

It also didn't help that the cooks kept staring at me? I was a mess too. please leave me alone, but don't spit in my food. oh but you know what, the washroom was clean- props.

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