Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yokohoma + GoGo

Yokohama Japanese on Urbanspoon Sunday Night, me, my family, and relatives went to Yokohoma for the dineout slash new years eve dinna. I think I've been here many many years ago, before it was teppanyaki. It wasn't very good... however I did not have any say in this chosen dineout.. my relatives believed it was a good deal for 28 dollars since there was kobe beef and sushi and lobster. so whatever, new years is about spending it with family right?

Inside is very small. They have 4 teppanyaki stations in the middle. When we sat down, they gave us one menu, another promotional ad of their other meals, and a huge ass photo album of visitors that have been to Yokohoma? I don't know, I never opened it. They also had pics of gordon campbell with the servers on the wall behind us. I guess he came one time to eat.. then across the room, you can tell it was another pic of them with gordon campbell LOL .. I guess they were hoping one side of guests will not venture to the other side

The seating was pretty uncomfortable and cramped. There was nowhere to put our jackets/bags and it was hard for people to walk behind me and I was already really cramped as was.
We ordered one of everything.

The appetizers came.. and they were 4 cali roll, 2 sushi, or tempura. TWO sushi??? what a horrible appy!!! Thank god we were sharing, or else I felt bad for my father.. getting two tiny sushi.

Then the teppanyaki man came and started talking to us. I guess he was pretty friendly, but his attitude kinda pissed me off. It was a little cocky/boisterous but maybe that's just his personality. He cooked the other part of the appy which was a shrimp teppanyaki.. which was basically one shrimp. One salty tiny disgusting shrimp.

Then he made the veggies which was ok, I was dying during this time because the scraping really really hurt my ears.. I thought I was goin to start crying (and I am a robot..but the noise got real bad). Then he made the entrees, everything was super small portions. I didn't take any pics because it looked disgusting. The lobster was neutral, the kobe beef didn't melt in my mouth as really good kobe beef should, the other steak was tasteless, but the salmon was pretty good.

He also made rice (disgusting, no taste) and bean sprouts that were sour? I think he used lemon juice.. it wasn't good either. None of us were full, none of us were happy. The dessert definitely did not help, she brought the wrong desserts even after I told her we were missing a dessert. The cheesecake was tiny as hell. UGHh. when we were leaving my father said the waitress was shoving a business card into his hands.. uh.. no we are not coming back ever.

We were not full so we went to Gogo tea cafe. Inside is very spacious.. it was very very empty with one waitress. The menu was half full of drinks .. I am not a drinks type of person (esp in richmond.. long car ride home.. I'd prolly have to pee!) but I got one nonetheless.. I got the passion fruit/mango ice cream drink.. it was good but I could only drink a quarter of it. it was huge! Me and my cousin shared the chocolate fondue. and others got tofu pudding and noodles.

The chocolate fondue for 8.99 was normal.. reminded me of capstone since they served it with fruits, gummies, marshmallows, cream puffs, etc. The tofu puddings were a little sweet for my liking. It was sesame tofu pudding or 2 of the following-- red bean, peanut butter, taro, or something else I forget. The noodles were apparently ok.

Everything was really cheap and on this big white screen, they were playing the chinese music awards.. so if you are a fob/honger, you'd like it. or me, I was really really bored.

that's it, gong hay fat choyy.. sun tai geen hong, hot yip jeung bo, sum seung see sing.. that's all I know.. hahaa