Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trafalgar's Bistro

Tonight I ate at 8:30 which is very very very rare for me. I sit now, after midnight, still digesting this food. ugh. haha. holy hell this place is sooo outta the way for me! Making it all the better that there was no transit involved :) (+1 yuppies don't transit, they drive hybrids.. wait -1 my parents drive a hybrid damnit)

we got there and got seated at a cramp little table in the middle...very near the group next to us.. and once again.. evesdropping by accident.. gah. (+1 yuppies are too self absorbed in their own lives to listen to others) The bistro is very very small.. they have a patio that I would think would be quite enjoyable for a sunny day.

No wine was ordered (+1 yuppies and their wine.. nuff said) I ordered the mussels/duck/lemon dacquoise and friend ordered scallops/halibut/flan. The bread arrives and it was probably the worst bread I've ever had. It was cold, hard, and stale. I took one bite and couldn't eat anymore. it was soo gross! We should not have gotten a bread basket.

The appys came and my mussels and very big and juicy (that's what she said... +1 yuppies believe they are too superior to say things like that haha). They were flavorful and I quite liked this dish. The scallops were very good too apparently, however the mashed potatoes was apparently a little salty and asparagus buttery.

The mains were eh. Apparently the halibut was cooked perfectly and was delicious. My duck was on the too rare side for me. I think most of time was used trying to cut it up over actually eating it. The vegetables that came with it was drenched in butter! ughhhH!! sooo grosss. I know it was sage butter infused or watever, but it tasted like I was putting tablespoons of liquid butter into my mouth. yuck

The desserts.. wow. The flan.. first bite- I just cringed from the unexpected sourness. Then the lemon dahhhquooyy.. (-1 yuppies like to talk like they know how to pronounce things) talk about sugar overload. Every bite was sugar. But then when I eat them together (half bit of each in my mouth at once), the sweet/sourness balance it out to neutralness. hah..They are made in the next door pastry shop Sweet Obsessions, which I ventured over towards after and it was a very cute shop with very nice cakes.. which I didn't buy because I didn't feel like adding to the millions of calories I had already digested from the butter everything (+1 yuppies like to workout.. I stopped that after i fell off the elliptical..oi)

Aside from the mussels, I don't think I liked this restaurant.. The whole meal and everything cost 35 bucks .. aiyaaa (+1 I don't have some random complex title job downtown)

so there, I am not a yuppie nor am I a yuppie in training ..nor am I resisting so hard to be yuppie that I actually am a yuppie. fuck that.

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