Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Soho Bar and Grill

After taking the wrong turn and ending up on Lougheed highway, we began looking for a closeby spot to eat. We opted for Soho Bar and Grill on Bainbridge. I've been to the soho on Denman (formerly pacific crab company :( I loved that place the bartender was so nice.. we went visiting him and to our surprise it became stupid soho but he was around for a week so he gave us some free drinks (: )
We went inside and there was one other table. The hostess doesn't greet us, instead it's someone else, I don't know who, who was here to see the manager or something that tells us to grab a spot anywhere. We sit down and 5 min after, we get the menu. We ordered an order of nachos for 8.75 and wings.

The place is pretty big, they have lots of tvs and couches.. usual bar places. The food comes and it was okay. The wings were pretty good- we had the sweet chili salt and pepper I think.. and it wasn't too spicy or too salty. it was good. The nachos were good cept the salsa was kinda disgusting

Normal, adequate, okay food for a bar. at least I didn't get sick from the wings like I did from the shadow. blah

oh we also went to Rocky mountain chocolate factory in lougheed and got this tiger butter chocolate cup for 4.25. It looks like a peanut butter cup but a little bigger and crazy inflated price! Tiger butter is just chocolate with peanut butter. The thing was really really hard.. I
was expecting a peanut butter cup =(

*not eating out til sunday.. too much workkk

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