Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Burgers etc + Valley Bakery

Burgers Etc. BBQ House on Urbanspoon I think I just had the best burger today. wow, was it every yummy. Since it's wednesday, it's time for my weekly suburb dineout and we decided to go to Burgers etc. Apparently it's voted as the best burger joint by CTV viewers. I have *never* seen this place in my life! I think it's because everytime I pass by, I am entranced into looking at Sfinaki closeby or that gym or Valley Bakery.. or Turkish Donair or Heavenly Bites. Burgers etc need a bigger sign. but I am so glad I found it.

Inside, there's no one (I don't blame them since I was eating at 2-3 on hump day) and it was a very clean place for a small burger/bbq place. We sat by the window and ordered two things to share.. a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and a potato salad side, and a BBQ rib+beef brisket meal with fries and coleslaw. Ok I know, best burger- why the hell am I not ordering a burger? I don't know, I am not a fan of burgers.. they don't appeal to me, unless it was different.. but ..

I would like to think of this pulled pork sandwich as a burger since they used hamburger buns. (I see sandwiches as using bread :p). It was a pain to eat (one of the reasons why I dont like burgers) but wow was it ever delicious!! I don't think I ever really say anything is beyond good (I think the last thing I said that was was the gyro from Sfinaki nearby.. damn that was soo good too). The pulled pork were moist and slathered in the bbq sauce. It was really saucy, tasty, juicy, delicious, everything. The coleslaw really balanced it out to give it some crispiness. and also- I never describe any of my meals into this such detail- so it WAS really THAT good!!

The ribs were pretty good too- they weren't super dry so I could use my fork and knife to cut the meat off and eat it. They had a very good taste. However, we didn't like the beef brisket.. eck. and oh the sides weren't very good.. the fries were normal, but the coleslaw and potato salad we could have done without.

They had a couple of customers, and at the end it cost us about 28 dollars. mmm I really want to eat that pulled pork sandwich again. Even though I don't like hamburgers, this is one I m willing to eat again!!!

Then we walked across the street because I am really intrigued by this turkish donair shop. but we were sooo full I couldn't muster up eating here.. but we did get a petit four and a hazelnut chocolate torte thing from Valley Bakery next door. The pastries here are super cheap! I mean, the things we got were a little over a dollar.. and the pies were only 5 dollars ish each! The petit four was really gross- too sugary, but the hazelnut torte was good- the moussey chocolatey center was soft and light and yummy.
(I am in my gray nail polish phase haha)
So, today's meal cost less than 20 dollars each. and it was dang good- ya!