Friday, January 2, 2009

Phnom Penh pt 2

Like I wrote in my last post, I had just finished eating brunch at Provence 1-2 hours after when I met my parents for dinner. I honestly didn't care where we went so we decided on Phnom Penh. My mother has been aching to come back for their delicious chicken wings. I was too full to object to anything. They could have suggested mui garden and I would have said yes (I hate that place)

We grabbed a good parking spot (and 1 dollar = 1 hour parking? yay!) and the restaurant was quite empty. This is why I love eating at 5? hahahahaa. People think I m crazy and possibly a grandma in disguise but not only is there a short wait time, but theres also more time to digest before you sleep! and also maybe because I was used to having 5:30 night classes.

We ordered a noodles dish, the chicken wings, and a chicken curry with bread. I felt like dipping bread in curry .. mmmm.

The chicken wings were very very yummy. I know it's fatty so I sacrificed my health for my parents and ate all the wing tips (more fat in those! :P). The noodles was pretty good too apparently. it was the two different types of noodles dish. It didn't look as big as last time.. oh well. The curry came and we asked for the bread. She looks at us for a bit and goes ok wait a sec. I mean, after all, I just got the curry for the bread to dip it in.. After 5 min, another guy comes over to tell us there was no bread left.. :S We go.. uh.. ok.. what are we spose to do. he goes: do you want rice? us: well I guess we'll have to? He goes back.. and then another guy comes over and says "so you dont want the curry anymore?" uh wtf?

I don't want to be rude, but I m not sure if the guy tat informed us that they had no bread is slow, do not understand canto, or stupid, or actually has something wrong.. because if you read my last post about phnom penh and how there was confusion with the shrimp dish, it's the same person!! I mean, once i might understand due to confusion.. but twice?? wtfrick.

We explained it to the 3rd server and my father used a rather harsh tone to do so as well.. so the 3rd server brings us free rice and apologizes for everything. I had some even though I was about 99.9% full. The curry was spicy but a spicy that I could handle. They used yams in the curry instead of potatoes which was a good surprise. The chicken was apparently very tender as well. We took the rest to go. Then we also got a free dessert for all the trouble.. It wasn't very good but it was a good gesture? good tip :) (that is also my new years resolution-- to be more generous.. unless the server really pissed me off).

As we were leaving, we saw a table of older caucasian people in fine clothing having bottles of red wine with their dinner. i found that a little amusing but maybe it was just to me.. sorry. side note- my parents made me drink red wine with chinese hot pot.. what a weird expreience that was for me.