Saturday, January 24, 2009

Caffe Barney + Fleuri

Caffe Barney on Urbanspoon Decided to go with the flow the night before and ended up venturing down main st. It was a fun time because I've never walked on the st before (only driven), but it was sooo cold . A lot of restaurants were really busy so we opted for a half full caffe barney.

The menu is simple and cheap. Mostly burgers, salads, appies.. interesting things were the butter chicken and osso buco. I ordered the chicken wrap and my friend orders the veggie burger. They were both around 9-10 dollars.. so that wasn't too bad.

The chicken wrap was really good, I only ate half and took the rest to go. There was a lot of avo and everything went really well together mmm. The veggie burger was good too . I didn't really like the fries but my friend loved it- because they were really salty.

The place has cheap eats, I wouldn't mind coming back again I guess.

Then we went to Fleuri in Sutton Place Hotel for desserts. They were having a chocolate buffet for 26 dollars but we didn't feel like it. So many people were dressed up, I felt like a scrub. oops. The place is very nice and has a warm, formal ambience to it. The service was good, cept she was really really quiet.. I guess to fit with the whole environment. We ordered a chocolate sampler- that was 11 dollars. gah. For some reason, the water was really really good and I had a lot. but it's just normal water..??

the dessert, even though it was chocolate (not a huge fan of choc desserts) was really really good! I think since we shared it, it wasn't too rich or too much. If I ate the whole thing, I don't think I could. The chocolate cake thing had a more chocolate texture, so it was good. The "shooter" was mousse+jello and that was sooo delicious. The white chocolate was different- good diff. The thing on top wasn't chocolate, but wasn't ice cream. It was in between. It reminded me of that so called ice cream I tried to make back in gr 10 cooking class- Where I took whipped cream in a zip lock bag and then I froze it or smth, but it never got the density of ice cream, it was just a little colder, harder whipped cream. it was like that, but 1000x better?

We checked out the buffet. Although small, they have some good selections like some cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, fondue, croissant pudding thing, and a crepe station. Maybe i'll try it one day .

I wasn't trying to be artistic and shiz with my caffe barney pics (if you see the veggie burger as well), it was because the lighting was really bad and I hate flashing unless i HAVE to..