Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lao Shan Dong/Tomoya

I went to get a haircut so we ate near Metrotown today. It was snowing a lot again :( I am getting real sick of this freaking snow. hello?? where are you global warming?? (jk)

Anyways, we went to lao shan dong and quickly got a seat. They also have covered parking nearby which is very convenient. The food came like 2 minutes after we ordered! yay!! Fast food makes me happy. We ordered the beef noodles and the bean thread with beef/pork balls and pork dumplings. I had no idea what bean thread were and it turned out to be vermicelli. Apparently eating too much is bad for you.. I don't really know what but I like it nonetheless. Everything was hot and delicious on a cold wintery day. But I left still a little we walked on over to tomoya next door..

I've been to tomoya once before and it was real busy inside. The only thing I hate about this place is that it has really bad ventilation. The kitchen is open, behind the sushi bar. When it gets really busy, the whole place is stuffy from the kitchen. I remember the food was good and the service was prompt and happy. Today was totally different. There was only one other table occupied. We ordered the blossom roll and the hawaii roll. The Blossom roll had salmon on top and inside while the hawaii had pineapple and chicken. One of them was a roll combo (for 9.95) and it came with miso soup and house salad. I liked both rolls but apparently some of the hawaii sushi had no pineapples inside.

I am soooo full now. haha. *oh and as we were driving, I saw Kiss yo mama. YAY! I am definitely going there next time I am around the metrotown area =)