Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Reef

Today we went for brunch at The Reef on Main. It is a carribean restaurant situated on Main St and Commercial Dr. Inside had a funky vibe that I liked.. but we sat by the heater, so my friend`s back was really really hot as she ate. Glad it wasn`t me. hahaah

It was brunch so I ordered the jerk pork benny and she had the ackee and salt fish. Mine was 11 and hers was 14 dollars and it was worth the money. The food came out rather fast and it looked like a great breakfast. My eggs were just a tad raw for my liking but it was still really good. The jerk pork had great taste and the potatoes were crispy. The citrus hollandaise was different from normal and I liked the watermelon they gave =) The ackee and salt fish was apparently very very good. She thought it was different but tasty and delicious. They also served it with bread that was in a ball. It tasted sweet, a little like chinese donut- yum.

Cute restaurant, I would love to try the one on commercial =)

I`ll post a new restaurant review one a day, so that I don`t bombard this website with 10 new posts. hah.

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