Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hawker's Delight + East is East

After brunch, we ventured across the street to Hawker's Delight. It is popular for their delicious food for a very small price. excellent! The room is very small with the menu prominently displayed everywhere. We decided on the satays (I think they were pork.. I don't remember) for 75 cents a skewer (minimum 5 order) and a potato+onion samosa thing on the counter because they looked good. Tea and water is self served next to the ordering station.

We sat by the window because I felt like people watching (I needed to figure out what hipsters/scensters look like) but we ended up looking at Quejos next door and random people who kept pushing the door instead of pulling. good times.

The foor arrived and the satays were delicious. No weird taste like the ones from Ellie. They were tasty and the meat was not too dry or tough. The sauce was good too. However the puff thing was SO spicy. The pastry part was very soft and flaky, It was good and I bit in and it was just red inside.. I already felt the spiciness kick in but I liked the pastry part so much I took another bite. I am so retarded my mouth was burning up and I had no water (Because I had to pee really bad and I didn't feel like adding more liquid into my system). Even my friend who loves spicy food also found it too spicy- but at least she was smart and stopped before it got too bad. aiya

East Is East (Main) on Urbanspoon Then we headed off to East is East. When we went in, she quickly sat us down. Since it was so sunny outside, the place was soo dark in comparison, so dark that my friend tripped and almost fell into her seat hahaha all I have to say is glad it wasn't me first. The room was really unique with lots of cushions and a laid back middle eastern feel. It was just way too dark for me and we noticed there was a take out, so we opted for that instead. She had brought us a sample of chai tea so we tried it first. I used to hate chai tea.. because I had to make it back in grade 10 for a stupid business management class and it was disgusting. Maybe I just can't make them, but it turned me off. However, this one had a nice hint of sweetness and spiciness to it.. mm

We went up to order for takeout instead, and we got another sample of chai tea ahahah. we didn't mind because it was yummy, but I still had to pee (I don't know why I didn't just go to a bathroom). We got a single roti roll with lamb in it. We opted the salad and soup in fear that it would be hard to eat. Everything came to 8.73 altogether.

While sitting and waiting, I witnessed the service and their super casual laid back feel towards everything. They also wore flowy clothing, scarves, and white tops. I think it adds to the ambience, so I didn't mind. They are also very green concious- by using bio degradable products and also has a wide variety of vegetarian meals. While waiting one of the servers told us our shakes will be done soon (uh .. what?)

Anyways, we got our roti and it came with soup and salad . Even though with all this random confusion- I still don't mind the restaurant haha. The soup turned out to be very delicious and the roti was tasty with lamb + rice inside. I am definitely coming back one day, maybe to their kitsilano location. I want to try the rest of their menu and a shake =)