Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yesterday for brunch, we tried out two chefs and a table. I try not to go anywhere further than Alibi room..but this restaurant is a block or two from it.. thinking it is a saturday morning, nothing sketchy could happen right??

This restaurant definitely sticks out from its surroundings.. (in a good way). The restaurant is rather quaint with an open kitchen. We sat by the window and watched the interesting scenery (nice rustic broken window apartments across the street).

The restaurant reminds me of urban like the decor and stuff.. the water had a strong detergent taste.. yuckk. I ordered the oatmeal and she the monte andres breakfast. My oatmeal (8) was standard and comforting (I really like oatmeal+granola at the moment). I was reminiscing and I realized the granola oatmeal thing from Elixir was actually really good. Anyways, the monte andres (10) was good. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn't because after we got the food, the whole staff stared at us... .. I would love to come back for dinner one day. in the summer.. when the sun is still out ..with a male.. for protection.

We headed to Sitar Indian restaurant near that sketchy gross pizza joint (although it has satisfied my drunken hunger many times). I've passed by Sitar many times and thought it looked tacky. but I was craving some indian food so we shared a butter chicken meal for 13.95. We got free papad in the beginning which was crispy and tasty. The meal had a small bowl of butter chicken with LOTS of pieces of chicken, a plate full of rice, and 2 pieces of big naan bread (2.25). Now THIS is a meal!!! damn heavenly bites.. what a horrible meal that was (google search my post on that restaurant.. and don't go to it). The butter chicken was delicious. It wasn't extremely spicy but extremely tasty. The only set back was I thought the naan bread was a little too sweet. I've had better. but it was a satisying meal and I wouldn't mind coming back.

We then went to Afro Canadian. Upon walking in, I felt uncomfortable just because obv we stuck out like sore thumbs. We sat down and the owner came and explained the restuarant and menus to us. he was really nice and cheerful.. a bit more comforting in a room where everyone just stared at us. I guess they don't usually get two asians walking in for a meal. He checked in on us multiple times throughout the meal and seemed eager to give us an authentic ethiopian/african meal. :)

Every dish is served on Injera with rice and salad. We ordered a vegetable (lentil) and a jerk chicken. Injera is a ethiopian bread.. it's thin like a crepe with a slightly sour taste to it. Anyways, the two dishes are served on it and we are supposed to rip the injera and eat it with the chicken/lentil. The jerk chicken, although spicy, was really tasty. I especially liked the sauce with the rice. we didn't really like the lentil... but anyways, the meal is HUGE. I think it could have served at least 4 of us. It cost us 16 not incl tax.

Finally we went to La Bretagne Creperie.. It is a small restaurant off Robson. We ordered the Peach melba crepe to share (peaches, raspberry sauce, ice cream, and whipped cream for 8.95). It was delicious! We finished it off in record time. It had a lot of filling and I found the ice cream inside to be very refreshing (i don't eat ice cream). yum!

wow, I think this is the first time that I liked all restaurants I went to. Good times. I have to do work now :(