Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ebo, Mui Garden

Last week I went to ebo before my class. It is located in the grand villa casino by the Willngdon Exit. There are palm trees around it :) made me happy. Anyways, the casino is really nice adn Ebo is very very beautiful. They specialize in Japinese Western cuisine. Too bad I didn`t get to try it since we were there around 2:30 and only the lounge was open.

We got the calamari and naan bread to share. I can`t begin to explain how pretty this restaurant it. It was spacious yet full of tables. The colors and decor were really pretty.
The was food looked good and tasted really delicious. Calarmai was fried nicely and the naan bread was fluffy and soft, with good dips to go with it.

Our server was pretty nice, but she was gone afterwhile. but it`s ok, another server came over a lot filling out water and asking if everything was good (we got 3 people (the other being bartender) asking us if everything was ok in the span of 10 min). At the end the 2nd server came over with the bartender and introduced the bartender to us (emphasizing this point..sorry no thanks, i've been drunk for classes before and it's not that fun) and I think he started hitting on me.. kept lingering around.. asking my name.. saying he knows me from somewhere.. introducing himself again.. ehh..

I went to Mui garden on North Rd also last week for a quick dinner. I was never a big fan of this place, but I went anyways because I was too braindead to care where I was going for a quick bite. We ordered noodles, lamb curry+rice, pork satays, and half a chicken, and roti canai. Everything was standard. The curry here is pretty good, satays a bit salty, Roti a little too doughy but the dipping sauce was good. Service here is normal, not extremely polite but extremely efficient.