Sunday, February 8, 2009

Elixir, Sandbar

omg I saw Pat Quinn. hahaha.
this is the first time I've actually noticed and recognized someone. the Last time I did I thought he was colin farrell, and it turned out he was just some random. He was wearing a Skate Canada jacket and that's why I know for sure it was him. He stared at me and stopped for awhile too..but instead of saying hi, I just ducked back into the car to tell my NON hockey caring friend that Pat Quinn is right there. stupid! I think he heard me haha.. oops (yes I am a hockey fan. go habs)

He went to Glowbal I think, and I went to Elixir because I thought there was a 3 course brunch for 20 dollars. I've been to Elixir once (or opus bar I guess) and had a glass of wine, but my wine glass was REALLY dirty and I decided never to go back again. I got there at 10:30 so I think it was still breakfast. damnit! Since we parked at those expensive meters, we had to eat a one course breakfast in less than an hour. gah oh well. We were seated in a tiny little room, with all the other tables. I don't understand it, there were SOO many spacious seats outside, but no. they cramp everyone into the small room. When I first went in, I didn't even know it was open because I didn't see anyone.

I don't really like breakfast and eggs benedict too much atm so I wanted to order something different- so I had the oatmeal for 8 dollars. She had the parisenne breakfast (?) for 12. My oatmeal was pretty good- because I haven't had it for a very long time, but her breakfast was just bread, chocolate-strawberry jam, cheese that tasted like cream cheese, and fruit. She wasn't too pleased with the price of her dish. meh. That's how I feel about elixir- meh.

We went to granville island to get our pyschic readings (i needed guidance ok.) and it was horrible (I should be a nun..?), so I was fuming and needed to restaurant hop so we went to Sandbar. It is very big and spacious. The open kitchen is very nice and I heard upstairs is nicer than downstairs. Our server was really tall. oi. but he was nice. We just ordered a wok squid to share. It was SUPER garlicy. Whoa! I didn't like it. I had two and coerced my friend to eat the rest. yuck.

Afghan was closed (damnit!!!) so we went to Robson-- will continue later. I need to eat brunch downtown more often now.