Monday, February 9, 2009

Campagnolo, Sura, Chau, Chicco

Going to Campagnolo was a complete accident. We were going down Main st to go downtown and decided to stop by. I am not a fan of this street..since one time I walked from Hastings all the way to the main st skytrain station because I thought I was meeting my friend there, but it was actually stadium. doh. and the sketchy people kept blatantly staring and saying things to me. ugh.

It is a small, quaint restaurant that I would definitely overlooked if I wasn't searching for it, but inside was a very nice clean room. There weren't a lot of tables filled but I think we were there at a weird time again (2 maybe?). The prices were very good but we had no idea what anything meant. haha. We just ordered the Crispy Ceci and panna cotta... at the same time. I am so used to eating random meals at random times I can take on savory and sweet together. and I wanted to go shop, so no time to waste!!

The crispy ceci were a bowl of chickpeas with some green leafy vegetable. I actually didn't mind this dish, they tasted like KFC chicken to me for some reason and I liked it because chickpeas are healthy =) but honestly, the panna cotta was my fave. It was so delicious. My friend liked the texture but I loved the milky taste. It was rich, but not SUPER rich.. I don't know but it was really goooddd. Apparently they have a bar in the back as well- I guess I shall come back one day.

We went to Sura for a quick bite after. There were only 2 tables filled and we felt like people watching again so we sat by the window. The music was really weird and actually began to annoy us after awhile. It was like On a loop- same thing over and over again. it reminded me of mario brothers but slower and more annoying.. on a loop. OI. The food took FOREVER to get out.. even when there were no other customers there (the rest already had food) and there were at least like 3 chefs inside.

We just had the Japchae rice.. which is just glass noodles. the ban chee (?) and soup came at the same time. umm the meal is ok. I guess it would be filling for one person but damn was it ever spicy.

We went next door to Chicco right after for a piece of japanese cheesecake. The worker man kept staring at me and smiling so I thought I was supposed to order but then right when I was doing so, he looked off. Oops, the real cashier lady probably thought I was shouting out an order to the worker when i was supposed to be telling her.. oh well. the cake was 4.50, and it tasted like pound cake.. but with cheese. We finished it in 4 bites each. It was nice. The room itself is very small and I think most of the people there were canto. The rest of the desserts looked very good. We might come back one day for something different.

Right after, we went to Chau (we are crazy). We wanted Pho bo because it sounded funny (fo bo fo bo!). The room is nice, the music was a little like sura. annoying. The waitress was a little fake- reminded me of aritizia workers. We had the pho bo which was just a regular bowl of pho for 11 dollars!! geez. Too expensive and nothing amazing.

even though I don't have midterms this semester, I have too many papers and projects and things I need to sort out- I don't think I will be updating for awhile now.