Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heavenly Bites, Turkish Donair, Sushi Town

Heavenly Bites and Turkish Donair are across from Burgers etc and Sfinaki, two very very good restaurants. Upon entering Heavenly bites (Indian restaurant), there were no one. The restaurant's website looked very promising so I was eager to try this place out. We ordered the special chicken curry on rice for 6.95. The server/cashier man was super nice and smiley.. Then my friend ordered me to go over next door to get a turkish donair.. which if you haven't realized from my previous posts, something I've wanted to try for quite a while now.

It is a quaint restaurant with a couple of tables and two TVs. one man is working and he's a man. LOL sorry, I had "pretty cheerful: written there to describe but then after reading and reminiscing, i realized he wasn't that cheerful, he was just sorta loud and kinda talkative to break the silence..and I don't know the word to describe it. I ordered the hawaiian roll with no onions for 4.93 I think. It consisted of lamb lettuce and pineapples. Anyways.. back to the curry.

I come back to see a sad bowl of curry with little rice. um.. for 7.50 incl tax?? this is NOT worth it. I know I know we shared a single meal, but if I had eaten this alone, I would not be full (well I think it's been established that I eat a lot but still) There were no naan bread or anything, just a half cup of rice with a small bowl of curry with a couple pieces of chicken. omg.

We were semi fuming but the donair was very good. It was refreshing from the lettuce and pineapple.. it worked well together and it was quite delicious. We were gonna go for pizza at domenicos.. but it was closed so we opted for sushi town. more like youngin town (I did not come up with this stupid name, my friend did). but she makes a point. we were there around 2-3, and I guess high school just finished and it was full of them. The place itself is a little shabby looking but adequate. There's like 5 sushi chefs . wow haha. The food is pretty cheap, we just ordered two rolls- awesome and mangodoise rolls for around 4-6 dollars I think.

They tasted like california rolls but with a little somethin different on top. They were good, and we left before more little kids could pile in and subject ourselves to tween gossip and mindless swearing. God I sound like I am 40. I should go sleep now, it's past my bedtime (jk, but seriously.. early class tmrw.)