Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kishu Island + Cascade Room

Kishu Island is a huge sushi restaurant on the corner of Main and Broadway. I also just realized there are many many sushi joints in Van with Kishu in the name.. I was confused for awhile. But, we chose to go here for a quick bite because Toshi was closed :( and side note: sandy's cuisine is closed! :(:(I always wanted to go and see Sandy..

Anyways, inside Kishu is full of colorful food photos and menus everywhere in the restaurant. The menu doesn't list everything, so I just looked around to see what to choose. We were situated in a booth and wow, i think this is the most uncomfortable seating I've ever sat in. I think someone sat here recently or something and made an ass groove.. I didn't want to sit in the created seat, so I sat on the side, my friend said she sat on two ass grooves LOL so it sunk down and up ..twice . talk about uncomfortable. oh and they also played When pets go bad on one TV and my friend couldn't stop watching it. So her face was in terror the entire time she ate.. We switched seats because my vision of view tv was playing top chef and I didn't want to see wat happens (wayyy behind my seasons) and I am too robotic for crazy dogs biting their owner to have an impact on me. But seriously, why play this at a sushi restaurant??

We just picked a pressed smoked salmon sushi roll for around 6-7 dollars. It was ok.. the roll is wrapped in smoked salmon with a piece of avocado inside. There was also a piece of lemon on top of each sushi. The washroom here is really dingy and gross... try to avoid. They also need a minimum order of 10 dollars in order to use Debit.

We also ventured to Cascade Room for a small bite. The wall paper is so pretty and the seating was really comfortable. We just ordered polenta fries (6 dollars) and mussels (12). I didn't know what polenta was but it sounded interesting. It sure was interesting- but a bad interesting. They were so gross! we each ate one and couldn't eat it further. I was going to give it to a homeless, but I saw none on Main St.. which is weird, because I would have thought there'd be at least one. Ok, I am trailing off topic. The mussels had good flavor- but they were really small and not juicy at all. Traf had delicious mussels.

Eh To everything.

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