Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mon Bella

I read somewhere that there was 2 for 1 brunch at Mon Bella so obv I was going. My parents don't eat "west coast" food, but I told them this was a good deal, so they agreed for our sunday lunch. My roomie came along since we have one extra meal. The resturant is small and quite cute, execpt they have this crazy weird poster hanging.. the man looks like he's in pain and he was in my vision the entire meal. They also played kanye and top 40 music- for some reason I felt kinda weird listening to it.

My parents don't like speaking english (wtf) so I ordered for them. The food took over half an hour to come out and there was no bread for us to munch on while waiting. I had the croque madame, they had the frittata and a salmon eggs benny. my friend had the mushroom omelette.

The food was o-k, they really loved the salmon benny, but my croque madame was really salty. It could have been the cheese but then I ate a lone piece of egg and it tasted like salt overload. gross. The mashed potatoes that came with it was good. The good thing was that the eggs were very big. The meal cost 25 dollars.

Afterwards, I lied down in the car all the way home to abby. I really don't want to eat for two weeks. and I am going to go run 10 miles. (I wrote this last sunday.. fasting and running never happened)

edit- to Rob Issac, talk about hate! I never even said I didn't like this restaurant. if you don`t like what I write, then please don`t read this. I am sorry you got offended and decided to call me 13 and racist. calm down, it's the internet. My parents prefer Asian cuisine over West Coast, it's a personal choice. and sorry I don't have 19-25000 to spend on food, since because that must mean I am not allowed to eat out and voice my thoughts and feelings. I guess since I am 13, I should just eat at Mcdonalds right. If you really have a problem with me, then let me know.
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