Monday, February 23, 2009


Asahi-Ya is a small japanese restaurant on Robson. There's a prominent green sign out front that is hard to miss. I went there over a year ago and wasn't too impressed by the food.. but I thought because I shared a small sushi combo, I didn't really get a taste of the other dishes... hum...

I went again today and ordered a udon combo for 8.50 It has udon (pork,beef, or chicken), bbq salmon, and 4 pieces of california rolls. The food came relatively fast but I was soooo unimpressed. The salmon had raw parts and it wasn't very meaty (a lot of boney parts).. it didn't seem very fresh either. The cali rolls, even though they were normal cali rolls, but I 've had better. the crab meat looked a little weird but maybe it's just me. I thought imitation crab meat is supposed to be whitish color with pink outer, but these were all pink? The udon was ok. nothing to rave about though.. a little salty I guess.

For the price I paid, I could have had a much better lunch elsewhere. I don't usually give places two chances, so I don't know why I came back here again. but I doubt I'll ever come back anymore.

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