Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ping's Cafe, Soma, Narrow Lounge

Ping's Cafe is very minimalist. It is not eye catching and kinda ugly from outside but inside, it is another story. All the lights and seatings all create a beautiful ambience. The lights were my favorite, they exuded a sense of warmth and mystique for me (wow, I can't believe I just used mystique to describe something.. oi) . It was so silent and calming inside, it made me feel like I was escaping the cold, loud, conjested main street. I liked it.

We ordered a ping dog and a potato salad. I wanted to try the poutine, hamburger meal, and croquette but I couldn't, I was too full. The potato salad (3.50) was very refreshing and tasty. I loved that it had cucumber mmm. The ping dog (around 6) was just a Bratwurst. it was ok. I don't really like radish so, it wasn't my thang. She must have thought we were anorexic because we couldn't even eat all the salad and barely finished the ping dog, between us. She laughed at us when we said we were done.. Ms ping waitress lady, you have no idea the day I have had.

We headed over to Soma on 8th for a dessert. It is very clean and simple inside. They menu is basically on the chalkboard on the side. They seem to be more of a share plate, charaterie type of place. We shared the frozen chocolate mousse wtih biscotti and strawberry for 7 dollars. It was ok, nothing to rave about. The room is nice, I'll probably come back one day for food.

Finally we headed over to Narrow Lounge. It's on 3rd and there are no big flashy signs.. If you see a red light on, then you know the narrow lounge is open. I saw a door that looked it was some back door to a random shop, so I was kinda afraid. My friend thought I was a wuss so she went to open the door but ran off because the lighting inside was this neon red light.. that looked like some horror movie. What a wuss, so I went first and had to open another door to inside. It's really dark with lots of different art and deer heads as decoration. Everyone seems to know each other. Even though I was going through a no drinking phase, I was way too full to eat and maybe I m just against getting drunk, one drink is fine. Our drinks were pretty good.. and this was the time when I realized I was a yuppie.. because all we did was talk business. what the hell is wrong with us. we use to be all bitch please i live a hard knock life. at least we still told stupid jokes.. "what are the two sexiest animals out there? answer: brown chicken brown cow... bow chica wow wow.. HAHAHA. chicka chicka wow wow.

Did this post even make sense? oi.

I am crazy, I am never going to this many restaurant in one day ever again.