Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wing Nuts + Shaktea

Wing Nuts on Urbanspoon WingNuts is famous for their different flavors of wings. They have stuff like garlic parm, Jamaican jerk, smoky thai peanut, etc.. The room is fairly spacious with TVs that you can watch from everywhere you sit. You order and pay, then you go and sit down and wait for them to make the order. There was only 2 people working there at the time, but it wasn't too busy. We ordered the Wing Ding which is 9 wings + fries for 8.69 and a deep fried snickers bar (because we've never tried)

We ordered the sticky fingers BBQ wings which were pretty tasty and that snickers bar was soo good. it was probably like 1000 calories.. per bite.. but damn, it was worth it. I've never had one so I was expecting the fried part to be really oily and disgusting, but it was crispy and when you bite down, it was soft and delicious. wow . yum.

Shaktea on Urbanspoon Then we went over to Shaktea to digest with a cup of tea. They have tea services for one for 3.49 (I think it was) and up, depending on what tea you got. There's also 3 flavors set up to try- they were black tea, herb, and pumpkin.. I chose the black tea and sat down by the window and waited for them to bring it over. Friend had pumpkin.

The room is full of paintings that were being sold for around 450. I did see a small one, the size of a lightswitch, sold for 50 bucks. wow. The washroom also has 2 paintings for sale haha.

We each got a bright orange tea kettle on top of a candle to keep it warm. They also gave us 4 gingerbread cookies. They were kinda hard and digusting- but I was here for tea. I think I got around 4-5 cups of tea in one kettle.

I like my tea plain (no milk sugar or honey) and it was very calming and soothing. I was sooo full from all the food I ate previously I just wanted to sit in silence and contemplate about life haha .. while staring out the window at the random store called Welcome Home Eugene Choo across the street. But then it reminded me of my old statistics prof and made me sad (similar name).

The music was soothing, but a bit weird because it reminded me of old chinese operas. ...