Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The grEAT Bistro (abby)

Great Korean & Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon I went to try this korean+japanese restaurant on the other side of town. It was really small and nearby were two other jap restaurants in the same mall (incl my old ayce restaurant). Inside, was one waitress and no customers. They had no sushi bar, I am guessing they make everything inside the kitchen..

We ordered the bibambap, korean style sweet and sour pork, and two rolls (special and caterpillar). The sweet and sour pork were 18 dollars. Fuck! But a korean person told us to try korean style sweet and sour pork so I thought it would be special and different. but 18 dollars diff? in the valley? this better be some special pig pork I am eating or damn good sweet and sour sauce.

The food comes and the pork dish looks like 7 dollars at a random chinese restaurant meal. Fuck. It tastes absolutely normal and how I could have saved 15 bucks if I went to Manchuwok. The bibambap was average but fine for the price. The two rolls looked pretty, but they were similar cept one had unagi and the other had bacon. But honestly, it was real hard to tell the diff because there was so much imitation crab meat in it and the piece of bacon/unagi were so small I could have mistaken both . but they were 8/9 dollars so it was o-k

My meal came to 50 dollars. for lunch. in fricking abbotsford.

How does it keep making business when there's two other jap restaurants in the same strip mall??? My meal at Sagano, with 3 rolls and rice bowl, cost 35 in total for dinner. OI.